Asian Social and Sexual Conservatism; Utter Rejection of LGBT

Asia is a large area of the globe and generally thought of mostly as Japan, China, Korea, PI, Indonesia, and all the "indochinese" States just south of China, like where I live and love to live in Thailand. Let me give you my take on it's social conservatism, it's sexual conservatism, and its utter repudiation of LGBT hysterical nonsense which increasingly, is my principle reason for choosing to live here instead of America or anywhere…Read More

I’m On The Radio

I honestly don’t know what to make of it, but here it is (our bit is about 30 seconds in): What about that!? The best I can gather is that it’s a charitable organization that promotes charitable causes they like. I’ve been busting ass for a month as nearly a sole focus and isn’t it…Read More

The Power Of Prayer

No, I’m not going off the rails on you. Just a few days ago I posted an update about my project: How It’s Going (The Thailand Clothes & Bags Shop Project) That post was a pretty detailed endeavor where I strived to show with graphs and data how the charity funds were being spent astutely…Read More

Sympathy For The Devil

Well here’s a completely off the cuff post. Serendipity happens. I received an email this morning from a long-timer and paid member who lives not far from me, in Singapore. In it, he informs me that The Rolling Stones just cancelled a concert in Amsterdam just hours before showtime. Now the Rolling Stones Tour Is…Read More

How It’s Going (The Thailand Clothes & Bags Shop Project)

Well, for any who’ve travelled around Asia, that pic should be a rather familiar site. The ubiquitous market or bazaar. I suspect foreign tourists and travellers see such things and think it’s all for them. Nope, it’s how the locals shop. And no, that isn’t the shop I’m putting together; that’s in the Chong Chom…Read More

Thailand: How To End a War on Drugs (give the dope back)

I must admit I'm a bit gobsmacked, in a good way. Here, I rant and I rave about idiocies in my chosen forever-home of Thailand. Then they go do something that surprises me and if that wasn't enough, shocks me. It all seemingly started out of the blue just a few days ago.... [The remainder of the post is for Free Members and Paid]Read More

The Arrest of Jimmy Moore For Underage Sex

There are 7 charges, all the same. “Carnal knowledge” is an archaic legal term for sexual intercourse. Presumably, she, was 13-14 years old at whatever time this took place (I’ve seen claims it was late 2019). The 3+ years older means that when underage per age-of-consent laws, there’s allowance if the other party is less…Read More

Science as a Candle in the Dark

It has been many decades since certain areas of science have become institutionalized and politicized. You thought it was bad then. I can think of two areas primarily where science has been under assault. Ecological scienceHealth science, particularly obesity, diabetes, heart disease And then Covid came along, then the assault against early treatments, then the experimental mNRA drugs and who knew it could get this bad?Read More

Supply Razor and laddies body wash

This time a did a video. Previous detailed post here. In the video, you can see I have about 1/4″ growth. 5 minutes after the video: …Just to tantalize and titillate for your pleasure, I got the good morning from Yui at 5.30am. Getting ready and headed to the shop to make something of it…Read More

You Have To Make The Grade: A Revealing GoFundMe Update

Make The Grade is conveniently thought of as passing a test…(as to how well-indoctrinated you are). Nope. It’s overcoming obstacles. Real ones. Like getting that goods-laden truck up that 6-mile, 6% grade. …This is an update on my crazy project to make a rural Thai family financially self-sufficient by crafting a real and viable business.…Read More

What’s at the Very Root of Corruption?

The other day, I read a piece from Dr. Robert Malone, a guy who not only initially invented the tech for mRNA with about 18 patents, but turns out to be an accomplished commentator on many things philosophical. Go figure. Perhaps it's ironic that I grasp his philosophic contributions far more than his bio-tech explanations about what's problematic with mRNA vaccines, though I'm comfortable in my layman understandings of such. I'm studied quite a lot…Read More

Another Roundup Post

Metaphorical Why Another Roundup Post?Elon Musk: Recession ‘A Good Thing,’ Bankruptcies ‘Need to Happen’Top Gun Maverick In PhuketWHO Says Monkeypox Epidemic ‘Evolving Rapidly’ as More Cases ReportedBlood Clots May Be the Root Cause of All Heart DiseasePM Prayut insists no plans to drop face-mask requirement in ThailandLooming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall I caught a cold, a flu, or some neologism that starts with a 'C'...I have no idea Saturday…Read More