Mistaken For Richard Gere

You’ll have to watch long enough into the video to get what the title is about. Funny.

Two days ago when I made my last video, partially in that same pool, I met a Thai woman, Nina, and her family.

Not just any Thai woman. What a life. World traveller, including 17 of the 50 in the USA. Much more, but no spoilers.

…It’s not so much that my videos are good now, it’s just that maybe I’m getting better. Content and such is always going to be the same or similar, but at least I can mix in elements and backgrounds to make them a bit more compelling—such that the watching it is also part of it. I can sit in front of my workstation and riff on “the latest big thing” and smaller things all day long. I have no idea how the folks who do that sort of thing possibly live with all the boredom and banality they ooze.

In this case, we begin with GoPro footage of the cafe racer ride from my place to Nai Harn beach to meet the friend. I cut 11 min of footage down to about 2-3. Then it’s onto the phone, and little tour of the beach with insights about swimming if there are rip tides that drown people. Finally, over to Vivi Resort…where in the pool with Nina, her sister, and her niece, we cover some of her remarkable life history.

It’s worth the sharing because it’s cool.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. James McCullough on July 29, 2022 at 04:41

    Hope you got Nina’s number so she makes a return appearance to your YouTube channel. She sounds very interesting and beautiful.

    I like the videos where you showcase more of the area, like a travel show. Maybe add music underneath for the drives so it’s not so quiet or speed it up? Just a thought.

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