The Pool Brings Out The Worst. It’s My Review Of [almost] Everything Thai Girl

I used that canned image because I like it in spite of the watermarks. In a past life, Getty Images came after me for $16K and I told them to fuck off. Didn’t pay the fucks a penny.

“Don’t put your images on the open Internet then.”

I have come to the notion that all photographers are basic pond scum. Amongst the most loathsome of planetary creatures.

Let me break this down. Some days ago I created the prior video and the one you’ll watch below.

Then I spent some days wondering if I really ought to put out content like that. I’d never do it in text but if you can see my face and expressions, perhaps it’s not so bad.

In this video I kinda cover the whole gamut of what an old dude finds so enamoring of all of the offerings, contexts, and experiences here in this wondrous land.

This is tantamount to a definitive guide for old man, young Thai chicks. The chick stuff starts at 3 minutes, if you want to skip ahead. Don’t miss the sauna part, though.

Richard Nikoley

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