“Grooming” New Bar Girls In Thailand

This is a gloriously racy post. It's primarily contained within a video anyone can watch, but I'm putting all my commentary about the experience, and a pornographic image behind the paywall. Paid members only. To expound upon that video, it's about me going out last night and having two serendipitous experiences at two bars with two brand new bar girls who just started. In the first, it was a meetup for a second time with…Read More

I don’t like food anymore

I’m jumping ahead by a video. I’ve recently been doing a lot of videos in order to boost my YouTube Channel into the monetization realm, which is where they share their ad revenue. Getting there requires subscribers and watch hours. If you’d like to help a guy out, subscribe to my channel and watch my…Read More

I Did A Great Harm—My Recompense

I did an awful thing and then endeavored to correct it. And I did so. I’m not saying 1 word more about it. You will have to watch the whole video if interested. I’m not even dropping a clue. Utter evil, then redemption.Read More