I don’t like food anymore

I'm jumping ahead by a video. I've recently been doing a lot of videos in order to boost my YouTube Channel into the monetization realm, which is where they share their ad revenue. Getting there requires subscribers and watch hours. If you'd like to help a guy out, subscribe to my channel and watch my videos...or at least the ones that look like you might want to check out. Everything counts, so even if you watch for only a few minutes, it's all chalked up. Doesn't matter how you watch in terms of mobile, on YouTube, or embed. Liking and sharing is a bonus. Thank you.

I'm jumping ahead and over the one I had planned for the day because I want to put it out there immediately, owing to my audience being so food and diet centric still.

I don't want to do too many spoilers, but I can expound upon the subject matter. For a good while I have lost the basic desire for food—a desire all of us are familiar with. Sometimes, I'm hungry as hell but dread having to eat and I often put it off and put it off. I've lost count of the times I choked something down because I know I need the protein and micro-nutrition.

One 2nd to last thing. In the video, I recount being not too desirous of the food offerings spread out at 2 birthday parties I attended last night. I named 2 exceptions at the 2nd one: the plain fried rice and watermelon. I forgot to mention the exception at the first one: baked potatoes, cut in half, then infused slightly with garlic butter. If I had it to do over again, I'd have just had 4 halves instead of 1, dispensed with everything else.

Finally, here's the link to the CCTV footage of me being knocked out cold which could be relevant, or not. I don't know.

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Richard Nikoley

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