Management By Walking Around And Asking Questions To Know All The Lies

Of all the videos I've done, this is the one I want every single reader, subscriber, member, or wanderer to watch. No exceptions.

In fact, I want you to watch it a few times. Because, I want you to integrate the message and make a lot more money over the course of your life—once you understand the underlying power.

In the video, I'm going to run you through what it takes if you're balls-ass as a person and take on any job anywhere, and excel.

The only reason few people on earth can do it is because they were trained and indoctrinated to be submissive, compliant, and a cog in the machine.

They dutifully submit an application, hoping their experience and skills are competitive for what the employers are looking for, for their empty box to put someone in. Boxed in.

It's a far cry from a man decades ago just wandering around, introducing himself, availing himself of any and all opportunities to trade his labor and time for for dollars in any capacity for which he could muster the basic abilities.

This is about generalism over specialization.

I have long though that specialization is the wrong road.

Too much to say or write about how wrong that is, both personally and societally.

Perhaps this: competent generalists always herd all the petty specialists, like the classic doctors and lawyers.

Now watch.

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Richard Nikoley

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