Rant: William J. Beck III aka Billy Beck

This is to preface the video of the same title embedded below.

Many readers won't know who Billy Beck is, so this is for object-lesson purposes and plain old entertainment sure to have you rolling. Plus, it's a stone-cold sober rant, not an inebriated one. Let me know which you prefer. Some of the old-timers will know who Beck is and perhaps still follow him on FB or wherever, if he's still around.

I've known him for 28 years, since 1994 on USENET and later, in 2003, I started this blog because I somehow came across his blog with lots of links to like-minded people and I thought, "I want to do this." That was 19 years and 5,000 posts ago. He stopped blogging—his grand "political project" and something indexed by search engines—10 years ago in favor of Facebook!!! a thing you can't even search and where your posts essentially disappear pretty damn soon and you have to forever scroll. Idiotic. no longer exists. All gone. What a fucktard.

Since he went to FB, he's blocked me 2012 and in 2015. The last one was a perma. I've not heard a peep from him in 7 years.

Then just this morning, there's a comment from him in the mod-queue on the CCTV footage of me getting knocked out. I summarily deleted it without thinking, then later regretted it, thinking how I could make a fucking mockery of him, especially for those who've seen through his duplicitous hypocrisy for years. Maybe it'll even give a few of his sycophants a knowing LOL or two. Luckily, it's short enough that I remember it word-for-word.

"You miserable lout. That's the least surprising thing I've ever seen.

"My deceased father laughs at you from his grave.

"This is the last thing you will ever get from me. Ever."

I thought about adding more things, but that's good enough, the basis of exposing a petty Emperor with no clothes, right from the pool.

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