Update on my Abstaining from Alcohol to Cure Loss of Appetite

It's only 4 days in, but as I explain in the video, I've done this rodeo before but this time is remarkably different—a cinch. I explain in the video just why that most likely is, and it may offer good clues to those considering a trial run or a permanent thing. The first few days is the hardest. This time, it's just not hard at all.

And my approach is remarkably unconventional. So much so that the "experts" would likely tell you to never do this, especially the first few days.

I discuss my mental attitude and focus keeping me on track, accountable to myself. Producing these updates will keep me accountable to my audience.

I discuss my energy, alertness, and refound boldness and gusto. I tell a cool story about a stone-cold sober motorcycle ride from 8pm to midnight last night in my cafe racer—through winding roads, hills, and valleys.

You can watch and listen to the 11 minute video here.

For the premium portion below, I'll show the food pics on day 3 and now, day 4, and what it means for my appetite problem. I also discuss in detail the restaurant they come from and the reason for price disparity. I addition to those three pics, there's one of a quaint little steakhouse (chicken and pork) with only 4 tables that I go to almost every day (insane prices!). Plus, there may be a lasting benefit to having had the appetite problem. And more.

I'm going to do most of my videos this way from here out. You're welcome to just watch the video, but the behind the scenes stuff, additional tidbits not in the video, elaboration—all the good writing content stuff will be premium. Keep in mind, please, that when you come her and enjoy an add-free experience, no pop-ups, no annoying shit in your face all the time, the paying members are providing that to you. They are also paying for the hosting which isn't cheap, because there is no ad revenue.

So give 'em a little nod for paying for your better experience.

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