Week 3 of EASY No-Alcohol; an Update With a Surprise Pretty Thai Lady Guest

You won't believe how pretty Sureerat is at the age of 41. "41?" you'll ask. "No way!" you'll exclaim.

...It's a new thing since my definitive breakup a couple of weeks ago. We met last Saturday and sort of hit it off. It was outside on the patio of WeCafe, a place she really likes...there being several locations on the island. I chat up pretty girls all the time—daily, and any hesitation being long gone from me—and in no time we were sharing a table. I mentioned that the previous evening I'd been to an opening party at Club House, the former Stoned Crab Pub sports bar. The landlord was unwilling to renew the lease, so they did it twice as big and better in a new and better location. About 36 screens, streaming anything you can think of (soccer, rugby, cricket, Oz football, badminton comps, snooker comps, tennis, table tennis comps, boxing, MMA, F1, and even NFL Full Access).

She hands me the keys to her car, we head over, share a slice of pecan pie, then head back to We where I'd left my motorbike. Before parting, I mentioned that I'm a bit of a "tuber" (what Thais call us) and would be shooting a video, weather permitting, at Nai Harn Beach the next day.

"Want to watch?" I ask.

"What time?"

...She shows up at my place about 13.00—an hour early!!!—and we hop in her car, go to JeePhueng Phochana and Steak House, a tiny hole in the wall by Thai folks who serve only farang food; that's amazing food at even more amazing low prices.

Chicken and Pork Steaks; Mushroom and Green-Peppercorn Sauces — 129 baht ($3.55 US)

...And then we head over to do the video, her pretty face on display.

Since then, she invited me to dinner last night at the amazing Thai seafood restaurant, KanEang. In return, I popped over to her house this afternoon to do a bit of handyman work she needed. She's come home during lunch, bringing shrimp pad Thai and fresh pink pomelo fruit.

Once I'd taken care of her home-repair issues with relative ease, she says, "I thought you could only work on computers!"

Items Covered In The 3-Weeks of Ridiculously Easy No-Alcohol Progression; 7-min video:

  • Sureerat's introduction, and how she really has her life together as a single mom of two (details in the video)
  • Declaration once again as to how easy this is, along with the implication that I haven't really nailed down the total why of the ease this time around
  • Then an explanation of exactly how it's easy this time, the one secret element I hadn't yet integrated

I've been saying environment, environment, environment as it seemed obvious—the tropical paradise and all, full social life, etc.

But something was just missing from that incomplete explanation; but you'll need to watch the 7-minute video to know exactly what it is and how you can immediately understand how to avail and advantage yourself in many areas of struggle. I'll also toss in a couple of pictures of the pretty and adorable Sureerat.

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