Italy’s Giorgia Meloni Crushes The Global Elite Left: “They Pretend We Are Stupid”

At 45, Giorgia Meloni would still be pretty hot if she was 35. I woke up to some great news...perfectly in the tradition of Brexit, Donald Trump, and Hungary's Viktor Orbá prominent challenges to the Global Elite Left. ...And we've born witness to nothing but doubling-down—approaching, embracing, and advancing heightened levels of crazy and inch-mile more and more effin' cray cray! since the summer of 2016's democratic Brexit referendum—that took 3 1/2 years to implement...because…Read More

POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

Rather than entitle the thing "roundup," which I kinda hate, Im picking the most clickbait title from all the roundup stuff. Did it work? Would you have just passed on by, but just had to click in? ...Mostly more videos this week, but toning it down. Only 7 of them, like 2 weeks ago—not the ridiculous 15 of them, like last week. For those who hate the videos, thanks for your patience. It'll all work…Read More

12 Questions Of Life: 12 Answers in Rapid Succession, All with a Cool Intro.

I'm breaking my own rule about doing single posts for a single video, but this one was a treat shooting and then editing and weirdly, I didn't even feel like doing it; whereas, I usually do. I'm usually quite exuberant, in fact. I mean, right up to the point I got to the 3rd shooting location (yea, three separate locations) I was feeling meh about it. Perhaps it's because this one was done solidly into…Read More

Visceral Chemistry Comes First When Women Size Up Men For Romance. What Comes Next?

Borgund Stave Church, Norway If you ask me what the cover image is all about, juxtaposed with the title and in particular, the general subject: male-female physical attraction—"chemistry," as it were—I couldn't tell you. The truth is that I scrolled past the image last evening on National Geographic's Telegram Channel and when I just had to share it on my own channel feed, I prefaced it with "Now that's a Bad Ass church. Where can…Read More

15 Ways To Improve Life Today — (In Exactly 187.5 Minutes)

Doing the maths, that's just a smidgen over 3 hours. The Godfather is 2 hours and 55 minutes...and while my 3 hours of footage in 15 videos shot, edited, produced, and published over the last week won't give you any ideas or tips on how to actualize your best life as a mafia Don, it may give you more than a few actionable and practical ideas. Inspiration? Well, I'm an expat living a dream in…Read More

The Secret For a Man: How To Get That Initial Positive Visceral Reaction From a Woman

This post roughly falls under my series of posts, What Caused My 40% Hormone Increase? (I changed out the T-word in there because of the maternal spam filters...) This was something I was informed of, but didn't think much about because I didn't have the problem. Then, within a short time, I developed that specific problem and noticed a tremendous difference in my interactions with women, in a negative way. Chicks were not approaching me…Read More

The Not So Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 12

I'm dreadfully late getting this out. I'm also behind in writing content with many posts in draft and many on a list. And yet, I'm up and about around 04.30 every morning. What in the hell is my problem? Videos. I've created a monster and he is I. I know this doesn't sound like that bodes well for those out there who are not so much video, moreso the writing. I'm profusely sorry and I…Read More

Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy

I have a longtime friend, where, our relationship began as business associates. 1993; nearly 30 years ago. Today, we still exchange emails and he's a paid subscriber to this blog. Way back, he was in the business opportunity business. I bought his basic book on debt negotiation for $89 out of the $200 I had to my name at the time. And I turned that initial knowledge—simple enough to execute immediately—into a company that eventually…Read More

The Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 4th

In an endeavor to add some structure to this 19 year old blog with its 5,072 posts, I've listened to some long-time readers, done some clear thinkin' and am takin' a step forward. The simple reality is that most folks seem to prefer the writin' to the videoin'. OK. But then there are also those gassed about the videos. Chocolate and vanilla, y'know? The solution is simple enough. Continue to make the vids and the…Read More

A Roundup: The Breakup Explained; Tongue Lashing A Chiropractor; Reducing Rent 70%; and Wrong About My Weight Loss

Well I think I have too many videos to do individual posts on each one. So I'm doing a catch-up post with four of them: The Story Of My Breakup With The Thai Lady After 2 1/2 Years...Plus Bonus Rant...Bed-Wetting WankerAmericano-Fueled Tongue Lashing: "Dr." GM...Glorified Masseuse...(Chiropractor)...No Happy EndingGeoarbitrage: Lowering My Rent By 70% In Phuket, ThailandSaying I Lost 10 Kilo (22 lbs); WRONG—Back To The Gym—$2.18 Per Day—HUGE Gym—Rawai, Phuket, Thailand So, real quick this…Read More