POLITICAL RANT: How Much Truth Can You Handle? What’s Going on in The World?

Rather than entitle the thing "roundup," which I kinda hate, Im picking the most clickbait title from all the roundup stuff.

Did it work? Would you have just passed on by, but just had to click in?

...Mostly more videos this week, but toning it down. Only 7 of them, like 2 weeks ago—not the ridiculous 15 of them, like last week. For those who hate the videos, thanks for your patience. It'll all work out. I have to first get to the monetization level, and the bar is surprisingly high which is probably a good thing.

I'm on track and accelerating.

For those who're okay with the vids but prefer audio-only, I'm podcasting them.

  1. Anchor (the host and upload platform)
  2. Spotify (the owner of Anchor)
  3. Google Podcasts
  4. Amazon Podcasts
  5. Apple Podcasts (submitted, not up yet, but a PITA anyway...forcing you into an app where the others have both apps and web-based)


This last week was dominated by getting increasingly anxious and antsy about creating more tricked-out videos. It makes it more challenging and fun. So, a few of the videos are mostly about that in itself...not as some successful expert, but about a dude learning as he goes, in pretty short order, and you can too. If interested. My biggest deficiency is the thumbnails, i.e. the image that's supposed to get you to click and watch.

I just hate the way so many do these. Some contrived image—often cartoon like—along with a silly mug with some hyped and stupid facial expression: usually with soyboy-boy-like, girlish exuberance on display. Blech.

Such is the state of the world, whether you can handle that truth, or not.

...I have half a mind to push back by doing something radical with the thumbnails. Picture this: solid black background, large white clickbait text. Exclamation point. Done. If it works, rename it to "Black & White Videos." Or something...

Alright, then. Videos.

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Richard Nikoley

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