The Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 4th

In an endeavor to add some structure to this 19 year old blog with its 5,072 posts, I've listened to some long-time readers, done some clear thinkin' and am takin' a step forward. The simple reality is that most folks seem to prefer the writin' to the videoin'.


But then there are also those gassed about the videos.

Chocolate and vanilla, y'know?

The solution is simple enough. Continue to make the vids and the vid fans know how to find them or even get notified when they get published. In the meantime, write content, and I mean lots of content. More on that later, because it's one of the vids in this roundup.

Up to now—and beginning a couple of months ago—I started doing video almost daily, and then I'd do a post for each one, separately. Then I'd pump it out in the Newsletter. Anyway, some folks saw it as a complete change in format—kind of like back in the day when you flipped on your favorite classic rock station in the car, only to find that they switched to a country & western format overnight, with no notice.

I can do both, just like I can write 5 books concurrently (all at the same time). There's a video on that below, too. You're welcome to bet against me, but do so in the knowledge that the length of time and number of posts constituting this blog comes out to a consistent publishing rate of a post every 1.4 days over nearly 20 years! Plus, I've easily kicked alcohol, get up at 04.30 most mornings and am pulling about 150# for 10-15 reps in the deadlift—and I hadn't pulled in nearly 10 years when I started back up last week.

Plus, looks like I got dumped by the new Thai chick featured in the week number 3 no-alcohol video (there's a vid on that story below, too). I have time on my hands. ...Thing is, there's thousands and thousands of others around here where she came from, and resistance is futile...

So, in addition to the two videos I did during the week, I did crazy shit today. Up at 04.45, I fiddled around catching up on reading until atout 06.00, loaded camera gear in my backpack, and headed out on the cafe racer.

By 06.15, I was sitting at a table at a restaurant a friend of mine owns and it's at the water's edge, Rawai Beach. Everything is deserted, of course. I shoot. By 06.35, I'm shooting a second vid up at Promthep Cape with only the early-morning fitness enthusiasts about. By 07.00 I had my first two videos in the can. Coffee time, as though I hadn't imbibed a gallon at home already. Good thing there are plenty of trees and onlooker people density is very low that time of the morning.

...Thailand is different in this way. It's near impossible to get anything but stuff from street carts along the roadside before 09.00. Luckily, there's a Thai family that makes great espresso-based coffee drinks (like an Americano) right from the trunk of their car beginning at 06.30, Nai Harn Beach. Some footage of their pro operation is appended to the first two videos of the day.

Anyone getting the sense that I'm getting a total kick out of all of this? Hell, even hot chicks 20 years my junior can dump me, and I'm not phased in the slightest.

...Careful eliminating alcohol from your life; you may experience side effects, and those will be beneficial or adverse—depending on what you want to have cookin' in your life. You've already guessed correctly the character of my side effects.

Funny thing is, by this point I thought I was done shooting video for the day and I'd just head home to process, upload, and write about them.

That was 17 hours ago, and in that time (it's just after midnight here currently), I shot three more videos for a total of five of them, all with different backdrops, including a swimming pool over at Vivi's where I snacked on some fine bruschetta. Mashing and uploading that many videos at once is a chore and mistakes will happen. My one mistake in all of that cost me an hour of wasted time.

So here's the lineup:

  1. GEO Arbitrage Explained With Examples - Live Like a King As An Expat
  2. One Month Of No Booze Commemorated With A Trip To The Gym For Deadlifts And Lots More
  3. My Super Easy No Alcohol For 4 Weeks
  4. Brandon Biden's So Dumb and Tone Deaf Speech
  5. Oopsie. My Brash Style Scared The Thai Girl
  6. Write 5 Books Concurrently. Who Can Do It? Guess who.
  7. China Is Locking Down 21 Million People In Chengdu. "Covid Zero" is Impossible. China Knows It.

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