Mask Mandates: Huge Data In. Laughing My A*s Off.

Dumb sheep about covers it.

The weird thing—actually, criminal...but nobody will ever be prosecuted, much less executed for their crimes against billions which would be justice (we don't do justice, anymore)—is that the jab companies destroyed their own control groups who were participating in the clinical trials.

The justification given is that this shot was so damn effective and important (we now know that was a bald-faced lie and it's neither...and in some cases debilitating or deadly) that it would be unethical to not instanter give the real thing to the placebo control group.

So, tracks covered, it was time to just get on with the hyper-politicization, the hyper-marketing, the hyper-cheering, the hyper-politicization, the hyper-coercion, the hyper-lies, the hyper punishments, the hyper-shaming, the hyper-virtue-signalling, the... hyper-hype.

So, without an actual control group, what do you do?

You create one by enlisting 300K participants and then carefully select 18,500 out of those to be most representative of the general population.

That's what you do, since our Governmental and BigCorp Fascist Bedfellow Institutions are morally bankrupt and generally evil to the their core with no possibility of any redemption.


By creating a vastly diverse control group and having them answer questions monthly—compiling the data and then having it analyzed by a multinational independent group of professionals—we can get clues, in spite of inherent limitations in observational studies, because of the enormity of the dataset.

What The Data Covers

  • Geographic Distribution of the Unvaccinated Communities
  • Age Group and Gender
  • Top Reasons for Not Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Physical and Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort
    • COVID-19 infection before survey
    • COVID-19 infection during five month period
    • Severe illness situation of the infected respondents
  • Self-administration of Vitamins and Medicines
  • Mask-wearing Situation of Infected Respondents
  • Discrimination Faced by Unvaccinated Control Group
  • Job Losses for Participants of Working Age [You won't believe the holy-shit figures from Down Under]
  • Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

While my focus with this post is mask-centric—for vitriolic scorn-heaping and shame-foisting opportunities—I'll also summarize the other data points for your convenience.

And oh, did you catch my massive 8,000-word post on Vladimir Putin's Historic Speech? Doc Michael Eades just told me the it was a real "stem-winder," which I had to look up.

US, mid-late 19th century, originally referring to then-recent stem-wind watches (invented in 1840s, commercialized initially 1850s by Patek Philippe & Co.). These were expensive, top-notch watches, hence generalized (1892) to “top-notch”, particularly applied to speeches, or to the orator in question. Non-speech senses later fell out of use. Nuance of “rousing” speech possibly by analogy with watch being wound up (“tighten by winding, excite, rouse”).

Tim Steele (of resistant starch and potato hack fame) and I have our first complete disagreement in 180 degrees different. Oh, well. It's cordial, of course.

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