The Bangkok Black Friday to End Of Year Sale

— Bangkok doesn’t really have anything to do with it…

A rooftop in Bangkok

I headed out to shoot a quick 2-minute video trailer for this sale.

I hate sales but I’m doing it anyway. Sales are kinda like lies…in the sense that if you can sell something at that price, then why not just set that as the regular price and stop bugging everyone?

…Because, I suppose, that if you did that, then someone’s going to be waiting for a sale. And so on. It’s all so much hype and we all play along because we just do.

Perception is reality.

The story, the sizzle, the hype, the bullshit…. An example?

See the headline image I chose, which is the same place where I did the video trailer? Glamorous. There I am…rooftop lounge, bar, and pool.

And in exotic Bangkok, the mere mention of which conjures all manner of mystery and intrigue!

And I’m there to promote my writing. So cool.

‘Such an amazing life! I wanna taste of it! I’ll pay!!! I can live through it all vicariously—as though I’m a part of it!’

The reality…

This is where I am and what I’m doing right this second. Writing is a very solitary endeavor and having zero other people around is better than having even quiet ones.

But you know what? Even if I was a millionaire writer, I’d prefer to write sitting right there in that inexpensive hostel down an unlit alley, than in some 50th floor suite of a hermetically sealed building far enough removed and with think enough glass that even the bustling street noise of Bangkok can’t penetrate.

This is real and visceral.

Well it’s mostly all in good fun—the sale, that is—though some of the antics associated with Black Friday give pause.


So it’s the same as the last one, which was pretty successful. That one was in kicking off the Lifetime Membership Level and adding testimonials. There’s a twist this time.

  1. Two Months Free. Pay the 1st $6 and skip months 2 and 3.
  2. $10 Off. $40 for your first year of membership. Good time to upgrade from monthly.
  3. $25 Off. $225 one time for life. Never pay again. Good time to upgrade from anything.

The twist & rub here is that I’m doubling prices across the board on January 1, 2023. That is also the 20th Anniversary Year of the blog.

Subscriptions will be $12, $100, and $500.

One last thing. There’s no way to really sell anyone on a subscription. A reader either likes enough of my content or doesn’t, or any of it at all. The only wiggle room is 1st impressions. For someone completely new, there’s always the chance that the 1st thing they see is something they hate and they go away forever. Having longtime readers who were initially cold but then warmed over time is not unprecedented.

All of that is the job of the content itself though.

…I’ve made it SO EASY for you to get your FREE STUFF, too. You just click on the level you want, and you don’t even have to remember the discount code BLACKTO2023. It’s entered and applied automatically for you. Here’s the detailed page or, just choose and join up below.

Monthly Subscription

The price for membership is $12.00 per Month.

Sign Me Up!

Monthly subscription for everything, $12 per month. Cancel at any time with a click.

Membership Never Expires.

Annual Subscription

The price for membership is $100.00 per Year.

Sign Me Up!

One simple annual charge for everything. Saves $44 off the monthly price of $12. 30% savings. Easy Peasy.

Membership Never Expires.

Lifetime Subscription

The price for membership is $500.00 now.

Sign Me Up!

One charge for everything, For Life. Never expires or renews. Saves $220 over 5 years and $940 over 10 years.

Membership Never Expires.
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