Youngun “Party Town” Thailand: Sexless, Self-Righteous, Androgynous

— In a rational world, brats get sent to bed without any dinner

As I've been recounting in my recent Newsletter issues, I've been doing some no-reservations travel where one just sorta spontaneously heads off in one direction and goes with the flow along that path. I didn't plan to go to Koh Phi Phi again, but that's where I ended up for a night before continuing on to Koh Lanta, refreshingly devoid of the young set. Lanta is a place for older, mature-of-mind-and-attitude expats, to partake in its peace and tranquility—which it delivers handily.

Instead of hopping the ferry back home to Phuket, I opted to grab a 3-hr minivan transport to Ao Nang for a couple of nights—at the heart of geologically-astounding Krabi province and its Phang Nga bay. You have to see it to believe it.

Just a small taste of it

This is what no-reservations travel is all trekking at your whim and leisure. You wanna stay an extra day or two? Can do. Had enough, and you wish to move on right now? Can do. Wanna switch your next destination to someplace else? Can do. Wanna go there by a different route or change the means of your transport? Can do.

I've been travelling like this for 38 years all over the place and have yet to end up hunkering down in a sidewalk alcove for shelter and sleep. I'd never want to do travel any other way, preferably.

...But you have to live a rather fearless life as prerequisite—or you'll fret yourself silly—and the planet doesn't produce many of those types, anymore.

Better safe than sorry!

Ao Nang, like Phi Phi, is a popular destination for the young set—backpackers, students, dreadlocks, elephant pants, vegans, etc.

Plus: NO SEX!!!

...It gets way, way worse from here out, so this is where I'll need to cut it off. If you'd like to read it anyway, plus get unfettered access to everything devoid of hassle going forward, then join up.

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