I Asked a Pregnant Lady “Boy or Girl?” and Here’s What Happened

— I Wasn't Shocked, For a Good Reason

  • The Cute and Pregnant Thai Girl
  • Humanity vs. Inhumanity
  • Slippery Slopes Slide
  • Where Are Lines Drawn; When is Enough, Enough?
  • Video: Moral Outrage — Calling Out Conservatives, Republicans, & 2nders

The Cute and Pregnant Thai Girl

I met Kip shortly after moving into my new place in August.

She's a typical 25 year old young Thai lady. Very demure. Cute as a 45-kilo button (100 pounds). She did get a little grouchy when I guessed her age at 29, however. It's tough. Many age very little between 20 and 40.

She's my nextdoor neighbor and goes off to work every day to her secretarial job in a nearby hotel. When she comes home, it's into her room and hibernation until the next day. That was my sole observable critique of her personality. Seemed low energy.

I suspected she had a man in her life when one day she headed off for about a week. Then, a month or so later she headed off again. All was confirmed a few weeks back when an older, mature-presenting Thai man showed up to stay for a few days.

I didn't ask any questions. I don't pry, like that.

About then, she began wearing funny clothes. By funny, I mean baggy...and of a pretty stout fabric—like something you'd make curtains with. The first time, I thought nothing of it. When after some days and and seeing that's all she wore, I got the ah-ha moment.

Jesus I'm so clueless, sometimes...

So one evening when she returned home, I asked, "Kip, do you have a baby under there?"

Humanity vs. Inhumanity

First, life vs. its negation...non-life. Inanimate, inorganic, still, dead. Lifeless.

In the universe, life reproduces itself. For it not to do so could only mean that it's immortal or it's dying for keeps. It takes life to reproduce life.

There's nothing more fundamental. The further we move from single-cell organisms to animals, to mammals, to human "mamminals," the more participatory, playful, and enjoyable are the actions that surround reproduction. The more animal and human [animal] like they become.

Humans have many billion-dollar industries that touch on one or more aspects of reproduction...from dating to courting to wooing to attracting to preening to mating rituals to olfactory factors to silk linens. From a twinkle in an eye to foreplay to intercourse to a delivery room to a pink or blue nursery.

If you stop and really think on it, deeply, and follow all the connections and nuances, it's as though all of our human activity is, in one way or another, inexorably linked to reproducing our rejuvenate and renew.

Yet in so many places we can look, this core natural fundamental isn't understood or recognized. In many cul-de-sacs and ideological waypoints, reproduction is regarded as inconvenient at best, life destroying at worst.

Imagine what sort of ironic mind one must possess to craft a worldview where the very thing that rejuvenates all—reproduced life—is seen as detrimental to other "ideals" (ideals for whom and for what?) that somehow take precedence over the very thing that makes everything else not only possible, but meaningful.

Without life and renewed, reproduced life, all becomes meaningless.

What would be the point?

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