Wrecking Immune Systems For Power And Profit

— “Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

Alright, we’re closing in on the new year and my publicly-available posting campaign together with end-of-year sale/anti-sale is running out of time with lots still in the outbox. After this, I’m shifting to a couple of Thailand-Life updates and might close it out with a politics rant, along with a video. As always, we’ll see. If you’re just jumping in here, have been forwarded a link or an email, here’s how to get on the free newsletter. Fourth post so far. Here’s numbers one, two, and three in this campaign.

When choosing a headline image I often end up with something completely different from my original notion at the outset, when I begin looking. In this case, I started very general: immunocompromised. Lots of stuff to pick, but the one I chose, above, hit my irony bone.

…Because, the cruel irony is, the mRNA clinical trial with billions of test subjects globally has arguably become the exact opposite—what I call a 180-Degree Error, the easiest to make—of what it was intended to do.

To put it briefly in terms of essentials, the whole point was to enhance or nudge our immune systems into defending against an acute infection with the wherewithal to kill—roughly speaking—a handful of folks per 10,000—mostly those with other serious health problems.

One thing happened that we already know about. The mRNA shots have done the opposite of protecting anyone from anything and it gets worse with each successive booster—as though the shots themselves are comprised of Covid itself. Charitably, it perhaps provided some protection against the 1st wave for a short time. But protection against something with over something like a 99.8% survival rate? I don’t know what they’re grasping at, there, but straws would be more weighty.

So all in all, it failed miserably at the one thing it was supposed to do. Its protection wasn’t much and was short-lived where intense number-crunching nabages to scrape up a benefit or two. Laughably, it neither prevented infection or transmission.

Well, OK, lessons learned.

Untold mountains of bullshit for two straight years, an intransigence that’s finally beginning to wane, back-peddling, and preparations for that narrative-shift that’s sure to come and you can mark my words:

“The vaccines were a failure.”

They tried their best, I’m sure…

This has actually been known since very early on. It takes a long time for enough of the whole truth and nothing but the truth to overcome all of the forces trying to hide and delay it, such that its shining light of exposure is too great to continue asserting that the piss on your shoes is actually, uniquely-aromatic raindrops.

…As an aside—and as though there’s not enough irony going around already in this cold, flu, covid, and irony season—Trump and his #MAGA fan boys & girls club are the most intransigent of all, at least its chief intransigentian, Trump himself, is. As recently as very recent, he doubled down in an interview, claiming that the mRNA experiment and its ilk was just fantastic, saved millions of lives, and prevented the next Spanish Flu yada yada bullshit bullshit bullshit.

I was a solid supporter of Trump before he got embarrassingly pawned with the whole covid and vaxx thing for a flu-like issue that’s very not deadly to healthy people…and even where it does contribute to a demise, it’s a contribution, a final straw on a camel’s back. Just because covid happens to be the last thing in a list of poor health conditions before someone bites the dust doesn’t make it The CAUSE!!! anymore than a head cold being the last thing makes it THE cause of death.

Covid turned Trump from a maverick into a politician and he’s a sorry-ass politician because—irony again—he’s not a good liar and politics requires good lying the farther up the food chain you go.

For this reason I think Desantis is a fine governor—the best in the Union—but isn’t that about the limit of where you can take his honesty style?

That’s a question. I’m not sure. Would the presidency destroy Desantis’ integrity as it did Trump’s? So maybe Trump is the better hold-your-nose choice, being a lost cause… That’s how I think about it, anyway…

…There were ample warnings at the outset of the campaign to make the drug companies billions in profits at taxpayer expense protect everyone—including perfectly healthy people—from a hyped-to-the-max bad cold or moderate flu.

The late virologist Luc Montagnier, Nobel co-laureate for identification of the HIV, didn’t dwell on the ultimate ineffectiveness of the “vaccine” to even remotely do its one job acutely. He warned about things far more ominous, such as long term chronic adverse epigenetic consequences (you might be fucking your offspring, theirs, and so-on up the tree) and chronic compromise, or a total wrecking, of your own immune system.

I can tell you that in the French, it sounds a lot worse than the transliteration to English belies.

And what did the l’honorable Monsieur Montagnier get for his troubles?

He was ridiculed, treated with disdain, ignored, and fact-checked from cubicles by green and pink-haired lesbians sporting nose rings, tats, black fishnet stockings, and Army boots. …Oh, and cucks and simps…to cover the participatory male-like humanoid organism (participatory in all but taking the aggressive male lead in sexual intercourse).

And—ironically enough again—warnings even came a year earlier from doktors Whoretez and Fauci. March 2020, when vaccines were but a glimmer in their eyes, so it was safe to be honest and scientific about them…doing so wasn’t bad for drug company profits at taxpayer expense.

They changed their tunes later.

Another tidbit amongst increasingly hundreds you can find now that the censorship damn is cracking all over the place and has completely broken through chez Musk.

Technically it’s neither here nor there, but that’s if our foundation were honest scientific work and it’s just not. That is, you wouldn’t care if Dr. Peter Whoretez…oops…Hortez, I meant (honest mistake, I assure you; and how dare anyone assume otherwise!) was an unhealthful, junk-eating fat ass…again…if…he was doing honest science.

I’ve gone down rabbit hole after rabbit hole the last few days on this Big Kahuna—the principal reason my posts haven’t been coming out in rapid-fire as I’d envisioned just a few days ago. Going back to Montagnier, he seeded the notion that the mRNA experiment upon billions of people—where, since they were so ineffective, just pile the manure higher and deeper (PhD)—could result in a sort of AIDS-like outcome in lots of people. In other words, a wrecked immune system.

It appears to have come to pass. Remember the film Philadelphia, the masterful acting job by Tom Hanks, where he played the homosexual lawyer who got railroaded and fired because he had contracted AIDS? Remember what the telltale of his medical condition was? See if this jogs your memory.

There’s no need for me to go over all of the details in detail. Others have done that already, so I’m just going to give you the principal references (which themselves are highly referenced) and you can do as deep of a dive, or none, as you like.

  1. The trainwreck of all trainwrecks: Billions of people stuck with a broken immune response
  2. Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination
  3. IgG4-Mediated Neurologic Autoimmunities: Understanding the Pathogenicity of IgG4, Ineffectiveness of IVIg, and Long-Lasting Benefits of Anti-B Cell Therapies
  4. Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and “Chronic Covid” — Perhaps Giving Unproven Vaccines to Billions was a Bad Idea, After All
  5. Autoimmunity and tolerance — Is the spike protein destroying tolerance itself?
  6. The immunological mechanism of action for lost immunity, a shift to tolerance and autoimmunity from the shots — Have we unleashed a plague of IgG4-related disease on a subpopulation of humans?
  7. Philadelphia 2023 — Your immune system on the edge

As I said, dive as deep as you want. Everything is of the same flavor or genre, in a sort of chronological progression mostly.

Let me explain the gist of it. I’ll begin with a simple chart.

Prerequisite I: IgG stands for Immunoglobulin G.

Immunoglobulin G (Ig G) is a type of antibody. Representing approximately 75% of serum antibodies in humans, IgG is the most common type of antibody found in blood circulation.

Prerequisite II: Here’s how the chart is explained in reference #1, above.

Left you see who does the neutralization, right you see what percentage of total antibodies they are. Despite being just 3% of your antibody mass, IgG3 is carrying out 42.2% of the neutralization.

IgA is busy in mucus dealing with this virus, IgM responds to the infection by bringing the viral load down, IgG3 then joins the fight and tags any remaining hide-outs this virus has, so that your body doesn’t end up tolerating this nasty sarbecovirus in the background.

What’s going on is that IGg4 shouldn’t be there but is shows up a little upon vaccination (4%) and then gets more and more and more with each subsequent booster until it’s way up there for some people (40-70%).

This is bad.

The way I understand it, it’s a kinda anti-immune immunity antibody. A Yang to the Yin of immunity, if you will. Its principal function seems to be to mediate or assuage allergic response to various things. It tells your immune system, “don’t worry you little head.”

This is fine for stuff where the stuff can’t hurt you, but for whatever reason, your immune system doesn’t like the stuff one little bit, puts up a total hissy fit, and that’s what can harm you.

Autoimmune, where your immune system itself is all out of bounds. IgG4 is the referee that restores order.

But what if IgG4 concentrations are so high they become an overly exuberant referee blowing the whistle and calling penalties for other stuff (like cancer) that can hurt you.

Like this.

This is not getting better. It’s getting worse and it’s shaping up to be the biggest man-made destruction of all time.

HAVE you taken a look at the Testimonials? There’s excerpts, too. Check out the one berating and calling me out for my use of a black background and gawd-awful violet text for these sale/anti-sale pitches.

Just kidding. That’s just hype a lie. Won’t happen again, promise.

I correspond a fair amount with some of the members and it’s interesting to note the differences.

Lifetime Members are typically long-time readers, as well as are the Annual. High retention.

It’s the Monthly Members that comprise different types.

  1. Tire kickers. Stick around a few months and cancel, or become #2
  2. Those who upgrade to Annual or now recently, Lifetime
  3. Those who explicitly want to pay the most they can

Yep, there’s a number of those #3s, bless all their hearts.

“I don’t want your stinkin’ discount!”

The sale ends Midnight New Years, Times Square Ball-Drop time…about 18 hours from now, less as you read this. Then too, all prices double.

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  1. Matt Miller on December 31, 2022 at 09:38

    I worry that this might be the thing that clogs up the medical system and has devastating downstream consequences.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 31, 2022 at 09:44

      The ironies just keep piling up. 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

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