How Do You Change The Weight of the “Water Weight?”

— It has been a very long time since I've seen anything new. This is new.

It must have been sometime in 2008, 15 years ago....

About a year prior, concerned about my shrinking clothing, I started going to the gym, met with some initial success, blogged about it here, and someone commented that the stuff I was kinda sorta figuring out on my own sounded a little bit like this Art DeVany guy.

The rest is the history where I lost a bunch of weight, became one of the influencers in the burgeoning paleosphere, and so on.

Looking back, I didn't really get caught up too much in the obsessions on both sides over calories. Yea, sure, I initially discounted them, then did an about-face and said they do matter, but the overall paradigm was one of human evolution where, rather than obsessing about calorie counting, you simply note that obesity and all that goes with it is a wholly modern and very recent phenomena.

In other words, whether calories count a great deal or not a wit doesn't matter. There used to be food ways that never required counting anything and nobody was obese. So, figure out what that was and kinda do that, see how it works. And of course, for those reenacting Grok, it's a pretty wide range of food, as I used to harp on over and over...from arctic to antarctic and sea level to 16,000 feet, and everything in-between.

... Getting back to the first sentence, about 15 years ago I was wondering about all this calorie is a calorie, in-out = energy-balance stuff and I read some post by Lyle McDonald on it. Big calories count guy. I recall adding a comment to the post along the lines of "how about the weight of the food itself?"

It seemed silly to me to even ask it, and it wasn't answered, and I put it out of my mind.

Until last week.

Where did the weight go?

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