Left, Right, Sheep, and Seals Hoist With Their Own Petard: Covid Compliance

The actual phrase is hoist with his own petard and and emanates from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. It’s basically the drama wherein, a bomb-maker blows himself up.

It’s poetic; and, it’s justice.

Let it work,
For ’tis the sport to have the enginer
Hoist with his own petard; and ’t shall go hard
But I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them at the moon. O, ’tis most sweet
When in one line two crafts directly meet.

—  Prince Hamlet, in Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4

If you’ve ever laughed your ass off watching videos from that world of 6th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages blowing themselves up whilst giving instruction on suicide-bomb operation, you know exactly what Shakespeare means. I can’t imagine a scene more cathartic. It’s even more cathartic when women and children are included amongst the resultant hamburger…

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.— Henry David Thoreau

I never mince words.

The search function here at FTA indicates I’ve used this specific ‘petard’ reference 12 times going back to 2006. It used to be a favorite of AnCaps.

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  • The Ottawa Senators Have a 100% Vaccination Rate—and 40% of the Team Has Tested Positive for Covid
  • Jordan Peterson says he feels ‘stupid’ after taking COVID shot
  • ‘Most vaccinated’ place on earth cancels Christmas
  • COVID-19 outbreak at Connecticut nursing home kills 8, infects 89
  • Santa’s vaccine passport prompts supermarket boycott
  • Australian Hospitals Over Capacity With People Beaten By Police For Not Wearing Masks
  • “I Got Vaccinated So I Can Travel”
  • My American-Friend Thailand-Expat Got Vaccinated To Travel; Now In Hospital Jail
  • It Breaks More Every Day
  • Update

The Ottawa Senators Have a 100% Vaccination Rate—and 40% of the Team Has Tested Positive for Covid

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Hoist By His Own Petard

I had intended to just ignore the whole U.S. Senator Larry Craig affair. I mean, really. The absurdity of the people of a nation spending time on the “horror” of a guy trying to effect a pickup for sex is just ludicrous. And I must say that this is a source of one of my deepest admirations for the French. This sort of crap just doesn’t play over there — at least not in the early 90s; but, you know: we’ve got globalization now, so who knows? It may have changed. Il ne fait pas mon affaire — it’s not my business — but with the addition of the verb falloir — “to make, or to be necessary” — thus the fact that it’s subjectively offensive, “illegal,” or whatever, doesn’t necessarily make it yours or anyone’s business. The French are big on that, and I always appreciated it. (Now if ever they’d just apply that same standard to what other people produce, for whom, and under what conditions and compensation…) On the other hand, it’s really sweet to observe a pathetic hypocrite like this guy get it right up the butt — so to speak — on the very same…

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Hoist By Their Own Petard

(Alternate title: The Law of Unintended Consequences) I truly adore this political mud slinging by independent groups (“527s”) that’s arisen in the wake of “Campaign Finance Reform” plugging up a few outlets for private contributions. Of course, the very same money just found its way to other outlets, and when those are plugged, it will find its way to yet other outlets. Will all this evidence cause people to doubt the intellectual and “problem”-solving abilities of John McCain and his allies in the relentless struggle to “reform” political campaign finance? Of course it won’t. When new laws don’t work, or work opposite of their intended goal, the solution is nearly never to get rid of the law. The [political] “solution” is always to spend more money, to add more complexity, to bolster it with more regulators and bureaucrats. Want proof? See here. President Bush wants to work with Republican Sen. John McCain to go to court against political ads by “shadowy” outside groups, the White House said Thursday amid growing pressure on the president to denounce attacks on John Kerry’s war record. “We want to pursue court action,” Bush spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One en route…

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When Do We Reach Critical Mass?

— Mass Effect: The Imperative of Criticality  “Critical mass is the point at which a movement or idea gains enough momentum to become unstoppable. In his article, he explores the concept of critical mass and how it applies to various aspects of society, from politics to techno-totalitarianism. “Nikoley argues that critical mass can be reached…

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I Was Unequivocally Right About Every Single Thing From Day One

— With 98 Published Posts During The Covidiocy To Prove It Is it not the height of presumptuousness, pretentiousness, and puerility to take another to task for asking questions, making observations, forwarding data, pointing out inconsistencies, exposing contradictions, alluding to motives, identifying politicization, refusing to comply, and recognizing a bandwagon conforming narrative when he sees…

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A Fresh Look At All Cause Mortality Lately

I grow weary of both reading about Covid and vaccines, and posting about them. Still, when something a bit novel comes along, I find it worthy to unpack it. What I’m going to do here is a TL;DR post (too long; didn’t read). That is, I’m going to take a very long, complicated, stats and…

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If There’s Grass On The Field, Play Ball

Don’t get the wrong idea. Read through to the summary…

…A few days ago I got a bit of shock and turmoil from a years-long correspondent in the UK. Older dude, sends me stuff he finds interesting very often—sometimes several per day. And I maintained the correspondence because he did often shoot me stuff that was not run-of-the-mill.

Over the years I’ve learned, for example, that there’s some Catholic Cardinals with deep intellectual minds who can write (as well as other Catholic intellectuals). I rather like reading a well-thought piece from a Cardinal that intersects with secular philosophy and science. Never forget: I’m an integrator, synthesizer, and dot-connector. And in that vein and contrast, the quotidien politics and social antagonism is often quite a laugh for me—as people now make popcorn to watch the CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews entertainment channels.

Recently, my correspondent began sending me gotcha stuff about the whole Epstein, et al and et al morass. I told him I don’t really care that much about any of it, never have, and I told him why.

Paraphrasing—since I deleted the thread after awarding him a block for life—it’s something like this: “you’re a pedophile and I’m embarrassed to have ever communicated with you!”

In This Post:

  • God or Nature, As You Prefer
  • Civilization Picks Fucking to Fuck With
  • Good Rules Become Bad Law
  • Lolita
  • The Law vs. Human Sexuality
  • We Gotcha!
  • Summary

God or Nature, As You Prefer

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Laundry List Of Kicked-In-The-Teeth Covid While FULLY VACCINATED!!! LOLs

It motivated me because I love the kicked in the teeth and hoist by your own petard memes.

…In some ways, I love the Covid phenomena. For 30 years I have lamented daily the idiocy to which the vast majority of people are prone and have endeavored to make so many feel so stupid over it. And, comes along a mild disease with a 99.85% survival rate—killing mostly people who’ve already lived past average life expectancy of 80+ years and the whole world looses their shit, mostly young people under almost zero risk.

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What Ketotard Chronicles Is, and Is Not

I guess it’s time for me to spell out some shit. First of all, my motivation for starting this group was—rather than be some advocate for a particular way of doing diets that produce ketones as by-products of resultant fat loss—I wanted to shine a spotlight on the general retardedness, purveying of dietary magic, and the…

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Race To The Whitehouse 2016; Game of Thrones Version

Oligarchy:  a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat. Nobody should be president. It’s a ridiculous notion and given the cheap con that “democracy” always was—and is perhaps finally festering to a boil—I’d just prefer monarchy. At…

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The Whole Fat

Butter and coconut oil are becoming the new sugar. The pendulum swings from one extreme of processed food to another, to other sets of elements that are extracted from whole foods; they’re concentrated, and rendered unrecognizable to the body in terms of evolution where human biomes dealt with foods in whole forms. Am I undercutting…

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Status Quo Politics; Helpful Updates

Many are familiar with my “Land of the Free” updates that I’ve done for years, even predating Paleo…where I highlight recent developments that underscore and “foundationalize” our God given “freedoms”—Praise Jesus. I do that primarily to laf at so-called Christians, who see the Republican party as their modern day Messiah…because they can’t seem to live a…

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Links and Quick Hits

~ Yet another hearthealthywholegrains vegetarian athlete disaster at Mark’s daily Apple. Ultimately, it’s a success story, but that’s only because she stopped listening to all those trying to “help” her (like her doctors), did her own research, learned, applied, and transformed. ~ Keith Norris of Theory to Practice has created a fabulous resource in the form of a growing collection of very brief but butt-kicking exercise demonstrations on YouTube, now standing at 14 videos. I don’t know that a lot of this would be appropriate for someone just starting out with resistance training (unless you do so under proper instruction), and frankly, I never thought this sort of thing would be of interest to me. But we change as we progress, and now things like free squats, deadlifts…and most recently, power cleans and barbell snatches are my favorites. The reason is because I spent a couple of years doing the standard isolation type stuff and have gained tremendous strength. It was time to move forward, so these compound (multiple joint) exercises are just the ticket. What makes it more interesting, particularly for something like a free squat, for example, is that form and technique are so important. I would say…

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“Surprising” >not<

I cease never to be amazed at the tone and scope of things like this. The whole underlying implication is that this sort of thing is surprising, shocking, rare, isolated, unexpected. It’s nothing of the sort, and if you think it is, it’s only because you believe The Big Lie. The Big Lie, of course, is that people who hold political office possess some degree of nobility, virtue, moral authority. No, they are people who desire to control and regulate your life. And they steal your own money to do it. They believe with all their hearts that they know best what limits ought to be placed on what you are permitted to value; what limits ought to be placed on the sorts of values you are permitted to trade; what limits ought to be placed on whom you might trade with: what race, gender, nationality, or geographic situation; and in what quantity, times, places, and what minimum time must have passed since the day or your birth, or that of your partner in trade. And they wrap it all up with enforcement at gunpoint. In short, though it’s dressed up a lot prettier than others at other times have…

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Small Pendulum Swings

A few months ago, I attended a retirement dinner for a longtime teacher friend of my wife. I knew most everyone there, and, let me indicate from the outset that I like all of these people, in spite of their awful, hard-leftist politics which I normally characterize as “commie.” Due to demographics around here, these folks are all fortunate to have parents of their students who are highly involved, concerned, and supportive of their kid’s educations. I’ve taught in my wife’s classroom, and observed others. This is a special environment of excellent teachers and students alike. So we’re dining at one of those big round tables that sit about 8 or 10 people and I was chatting with one longtime friend of my wife who’s been a school principal now for a few years. She was relating a recent experience to us where she negotiated with the school district on behalf of the union in order to secure a new contract (that presumably included higher pay and benefits, combined with fewer responsibilities). I offered her the bait: “So, is the end result of your negotiations that every teacher at the various seniority levels receives exactly the same pay and benefits?”…

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