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The Covid-19 Smoking Gun? Patent Applications Since 1999?

I'm vaccinated against conspiracy theories. I consider them easy "explanations" for lazy people who sit...

What Is Real Intelligence? Yasuhiko Genku Kimura Opines

Joie de Vivre if you ever saw it Yasuhiko: What is the Real Agenda?H.L. Mencken...

Coming Soon For Members

I've changed the title 3 times, already. I'm as tired of the emergency du jour...

I Made $30,000 In 20 Hours On Elixa Probiotic

In April of 2015, I wrote a post about a unique probiotic. That was just...

Independence Is Your Vaccine

40% Increase in Free Testosterone Since Leaving the USA in January of 2020 Weirdly enough,...

It’s Always More Clowns and Jokers

It's everyday. The stupidest, most indoctrinated, hold themselves up as pinnacles of virtue. "Smart" phones...