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The Not So Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 12

I'm dreadfully late getting this out. I'm also behind in writing content with many posts...

Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy

I have a longtime friend, where, our relationship began as business associates. 1993; nearly 30...

The Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 4th

In an endeavor to add some structure to this 19 year old blog with its...

A Roundup: The Breakup Explained; Tongue Lashing A Chiropractor; Reducing Rent 70%; and Wrong About My Weight Loss

Well I think I have too many videos to do individual posts on each one....

Week 3 of EASY No-Alcohol; an Update With a Surprise Pretty Thai Lady Guest

You won't believe how pretty Sureerat is at the age of 41. "41?" you'll ask....

I Was Unequivocally Right About Every Single Thing (maks, lockdowns, jabs, etc.) The Whole Time

Is it not the height of presumptuousness, pretentiousness, and puerility to take another to task...