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Total Mortality: Ask Undertakers

I was reading issue #37 of Mike Eades' The Arrow this morning, pleased to see...

The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media

Introduction On the 20-year Anniversary of 9/11, I made the decision to delete the social...

Natural Immunity, Gut Biome, and its Importance in COVID-19 #1 — Introduction

Back about 6 years ago in the midst of the gut biome craze, I had...

Democrats Co-Opted The Trump Vaccine And Trump Dodges A Bullet

Careful What You Wish For A mind-worm post where you may not have considered double-edged...

Covid-19, Vaccines, Africa, Ivermectin, Clown-Car Circuses, and Shit Shows

I've used the mental image of a Clown-Car Circus very often on social media for...

Are Covid-19 Vaccines A Failure?

Perspective of the heightened hysteria The 1st World is gonna top out at 50-60% vaccinated...