The Banality of Blue on Black

This is a bit tangential or a further integration on yesterday’s post, Get Away From Everyone Trying To Help You. I also have a mini-update at the end about the start of my fundraiser for a family. There’s a song I’ve been a fan of for quite some time, Blue on Black, by Kenny Wayne…Read More

Get Away From Everyone Trying To Help You

This should probably be another in my paid-member series Permanent Crisis is the New Normal — Prosper Anyway. Since my heightened purpose these days is to absolutely make my fundraiser for the Thai family deliver, I’m putting everything out there publicly for a while. I’ve included a handy linked-image in the sidebar. I’ve written an…Read More

Top Gun: Maverick 2022

I unabashedly adore Tom Cruise and freely admit it. Just one and a half years my junior, he has delighted me with his filmmaking for a good portion of my life. He and Opie Taylor are perhaps my favorite filmmakers. Neither of them ever do shit films and these days, that counts for a lot.…Read More

I’m Helping A Rural Single-Mom Family In Thailand

I will make this short. I’ve begun a GoFundMe campaign and yes, I know what they did to the Canadian truckers. It’s no fault of these two girls, their mom, aunt, cousin, or grandmother who all live under the same roof. Nonetheless, GoFundMe is just the best platform for this. It’s simple charity. Many of…Read More

My Interview With Ex-American Sean Ring

Most people understand what the term expat means. It’s someone who lives outside of their country of citizenship, typically by choice; i.e., not particularly applicable to military or corporate employees stationed in another country. As military, I lived in Japan for five years and then France for two. It was a station, I was not…Read More

My Swollen Labia Minora Face

Yesterday was one of about 4 Big Buddha days per year in Thailand. I dunno. It's not quite like Christmas in the west; perhaps it's more like lower-keyed Easter. Thais will make a trip to a temple, always gifts in flowers and food...for the monks and The Buddha. It's basically a showing of reverence and respect: hallmarks of civilization and culture, and theirs is older than ours. I pretty much love it. Thais do…Read More

A Fresh Look At All Cause Mortality Lately

I've annotated this chart below I grow weary of both reading about Covid and vaccines, and posting about them. Still, when something a bit novel comes along, I find it worthy to unpack it. What I'm going to do here is a TL;DR post (too long; didn't read). That is, I'm going to take a very long, complicated, stats and maths post and reduce it to the essentials so that it's easily accessible for almost…Read More

There Is No Junk Food

I typically have 2-3 posts in draft these days. Sometimes it's because ideas come in on top of each other so I want to at least write a few sentences or paragraphs to get started and not forget. Some of them are for the next in one of my posts series I'm doing. Other times I'm gung ho and either my gung or ho fizzles and I need to either get it back and finish…Read More

Elon’s Golden Helmet

There's a phrase an old friend of mine used over 30 years ago to signify what we might call bulletproof reduced to the name of a silly coffee drink that makes a meaningless distinction between butter and cream. What he meant was that through swaths of history, someone comes along and changes a lot of stuff. Read on and I'll explain. It's not hard to understand. ...Everyone is biased. It comes from one or…Read More

Trying To Zero In On T For Men

Admittedly, this hasn't been the greatest blazing post-series I've done. It's curious to me why it hasn't been. Perhaps it's because I find so much of the bro-science wanting. There's only a single post to the series so far since the hook intro: What Caused My 40% Testosterone Increase? #2 — The Sexual Mind. This is the 2nd. When the series kicked off, it was on the basis of a happenstance personal finding. My free…Read More

Condom Culture To Mask Culture

It should seem obvious. Let's talk fundamentals. There is an obvious necessity for protective gear. It's all over. It ranges from stuff that guards a tender human body from radioactivity, chemicals, or biological dishwashing and cleaning gloves. There's lots in-between. So here we are in clown-car world. This, too: As the French Revolution led to communist revolutions around the world still plaguing us today—because everyone desires, most of all, to live at the expense…Read More

How Prohibition Was Done Right and Roe vs. Wade Was Done Wrong

I have this rather giddy sense that the double-edged sword of social media and global media is that people are more inclined to actually understand the issues in terms of the American civics in play. I could be wrong, and making signs and demonstrating in public is all anyone wants or needs to do. But I actually doubt it and I suspect there will be a few inquisitive traitors in their midst, eventually. My basic…Read More

Abortion, SCOTUS, Roe vs. Wade, and My Take

The leaked majority draft opinion obtained by Politico puts the US Supreme Court in a very awkward position. So awkward that if the final decision were to change to upholding Roe vs. Wade and its subsequent nods at it, then it would smell of the court being heavily influenced by potential civil and political outcomes and outcries...kinda like it did with challenges to the 2020 election. The conventional take is that the leak must have…Read More

Almost Got My Ass Kicked. Again!

Happens from time to time. It’s a curious state I find myself in since living at the tip of Baja California, an hour east of Cabo San Lucas. I got cold-cocked from behind. Because words. Since then, it’s a sort of moth to the flame thing. I didn’t learn my lesson. From my personal perspective,…Read More

Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase

In a few words, the whole thing is a whole host of clown-car laughable absurdity. It’s obviously attention grabbing. It’s not every day a private individual buys something for 44 Billion Dollars… …and that’s in addition to the 10 Billion stake he’d already invested to stir the shit waters. The phrase now that’s real money…Read More

At 61, I Finally Get Into Razor Shaving Thanks To Thai Ladies

I've had a love-hate with shaving my face since the peach fuzz days of old. All men have had the experience. It's a right of passage, the first shave. For the older amongst us, it was certainly a razor with canned foam, or classic shaving soap lather with a brush. Perhaps the youth are initiated with electric razors now. I always hated them. I've owned a few, but only for lazy expediency. I loved the…Read More

Are We Post-Covid Yet and How Do We Never Return?

Depending where you live, many have been seemingly in post-covid for a while. Some places were virtually never-covid. But the love-every-minute-of-covid people and places were dealt a resounding blow this last week, right in their stupid, diapered faces. Fuck you and your masks. By now, everyone has probably seen many of the videos of folks…Read More