Do You Smell Blood In The Water?

This post began about a week ago by this point and I ought to have just gone with what I’d put together by then and put it out there. Instead, I kept gathering and gathering until I had dozens of open tabs and saved items and by this morning I was simply too overwhelmed to…Read More

2 Years Ago Today

Yesterday—two years ago—was my 2-year anniversary arriving in Thailand. I had not specifically intended to make it my home but given Covid, it turned out that amongst the various southeast Asian places to be, Thailand was silly always, but not particularly crazy. Lockdown never ever meant stay home. Masks are an annoyance, but just do…Read More

Battleground Melbourne

This newly released documentary covering the abject, communist-style despotism by Daniel Andrews, the Prime minister of the State of Victoria in Australia, brought tears to my eyes too many times. It is a modern-day tale of what happens when that sort of person is bestowed with power. It never ends well. It won’t. …I have…Read More

A Chat With Moritz Bierling

We’ve had a couple in the past: A talk-to-interview with Moritz Bierling of Existential Ventures A Conversation About Everything With Moritz Bierling and Andy Curzon Maybe you’ve seen neither of those but if you wade into this and like it for its eclectic mix of flavor, you go watch those. Up to you. I’m 60…Read More

Nine Just Published Studies: It Might Be Too Late For You

Delivered with scant, sterilized, and non-vitriolic commentary: The Lyons-Weiler paperThe Harvard studyThe German studyThe Denmark studyGerman government data80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinatedLancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully VaxxedNew big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)Official UK Government data suggests Fully Vaccinated Brits will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of February 2022 Modest thoughts. I can't predict what…Read More

If There’s Grass On The Field, Play Ball

Don't get the wrong idea. Read through to the summary... ...A few days ago I got a bit of shock and turmoil from a years-long correspondent in the UK. Older dude, sends me stuff he finds interesting very often—sometimes several per day. And I maintained the correspondence because he did often shoot me stuff that was not run-of-the-mill. Over the years I've learned, for example, that there's some Catholic Cardinals with deep intellectual minds who…Read More

Might We Finally Be Over The Covid Hump?

The Meta How About Negative Effectiveness? Real No-Shit Pathology Data In The NYT: Will ‘Forever Boosting’ Beat the Coronavirus? The Meta For nearly two years now I’ve been wondering “what will it take?” and each time I think “well, maybe this thing starts the ball rolling” I’ve been utterly wrong every time. But I was…Read More

I Almost Stepped In It

Sparing you a pic of real poop I got to it this morning, ready to write a post on something pretty alarming. How alarming? Well, it's related to the huge numbers of young, otherwise healthy athletes dropping dead on playing fields since the advent of the vaccines. It's about a 5-fold increase in 2021 from the average of previous years. I last blogged about this here. That obviously implicates vaccine injury as the common denominator—especially…Read More

Deaths Up 40% In 18-64 Years Old?

For those in the know, you’ve probably see or heard of the news article going around. Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 The head of Indianapolis-based insurance company OneAmerica said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people. “We are seeing, right…Read More

To Save Yourself You Must Kill Children

In this post: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains why approving the shots for kids is essentialThe Joe Rogan interview with Robert MaloneEverywhere I look, it's the same thingThree Food Pics Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains why approving the shots for kids is essential Well this sure connected a dot for me quick. RFK Jr. has been suing pharma companies for decades and has won astronomical monetary awards for clients against them. He is their worst…Read More

Happy New Year 2565

Season’s Greetings from the south end of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. The year, 2565. I’ve been having a bit of a kick wishing folks in my circles “Happy New Year 2565” and getting the reactions—from “huh” by my ex-wife to “is that some Asian thing?” from others. So, the first thing to understand…Read More

Oh, My. Another Covid Dump. Good News, Though

A truck offloads expired AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccines into a pit at the Gosa dump site in Abuja, Nigeria on December 22, 2021. - According to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, (NAFDAC) alongside the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), one million, sixty-six thousand, two hundred and fourteen (1,066,214) doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine which expired in November 2021 were destroyed. (Photo by Kola Sulaimon / AFP) Are…Read More

My New Telegram Channel

At the risk of “I knew you’d be back” giggles and whatnot, I recently installed the Telegram app. I did so because one of my correspondents in email was on it and there’s no way to share links to public posts unless that person is also on Telegram. So, to send a video, for instance,…Read More

Holiday Week Entertaining Musings: Trump & Candace, Don’t Look Up, and Catch-22 Vis-a-Vis MASH

I suppose it's appropriate in this now dire-need Season to make all my posts public access rather than members-only. I have posts in draft exclusively for members to be published after the new year. The Donald Trump and Candace Owens InterviewDon't Look UpCatch-22 Distinguished From MASHRandom Things The Donald Trump and Candace Owens Interview It was seemingly a pretty anticipated gig. I like Candace quite a bit, though I'm not someone who could be considered…Read More

Merry Christmas, Of Course

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it is that the whole world loves Christmas? Christmas is perhaps the whole world’s first global holiday. Americans may not be aware, but even when I lived in Japan from 1984-89, they had commercialized the delight of it already. Today, here in Thailand? They’ve been playing Christmas songs…Read More

Laundry List Of Kicked-In-The-Teeth Covid While FULLY VACCINATED!!! LOLs

It motivated me because I love the kicked in the teeth and hoist by your own petard memes. ...In some ways, I love the Covid phenomena. For 30 years I have lamented daily the idiocy to which the vast majority of people are prone and have endeavored to make so many feel so stupid over it. And, comes along a mild disease with a 99.85% survival rate—killing mostly people who've already lived past average life…Read More

Vitamins D3 and K2 For Diseased Hearts — A Case Report

I’d logged too few hours of good sleep for two nights in a row. So last night, I prowled and caroused early at the Usual Haunts—no mask or helmet on my GPX cafe-racer motorbike here in Rawai Beach, Thailand. I returned about 21.30, intending for a 22.00 retirement with an 8-hr soak. Check emails and…Read More

“I TOLD YOU SO” — A Rant

I’m glad for the growing swell of COVID!!! and VARIANT!!! and JUST GET VACCINATED!!! fatigue that’s growing daily worldwide…all while the colony of Australia demonstrates that the problem was never about the descendants of convicts, but of prison officers. That’s their particular problem, mate. Every day I’m getting more and more from people I know;…Read More

The Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Covid Documentary

It’s yesterday morning Thailand time, around noon, and I was getting my girl and her sister on a van transport to the airport after their week-long visit. My email starts dinging and I see it’s a friend from UK I correspond with often, amounting mostly to shooting stuff to each other. “Have you seen Rogan…Read More