Ukraine’s Zelenskyy TL;DR: We Surrender

As cable-news Generals endlessly pontificate about how fucked Russia COULD BE!!! they get undercut by a horse’s mouth because they’re stupid, have zero integrity, are in the pay, and are politically oriented first and foremost. Laughably, the “commander-in-chief” (see short vid at the end) is gonna roll out TOUGH NEW SANCTIONS!!! that are GONNA HIT…Read More

The Story Of My Financial Collapse

That's an email I received early morning my time today, from Mark. Self explanatory. It was in reply to the final thing. This is where I have completed all arrangements on my end and forward the necessary documents. He asked if that was it, I replied. Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa is a very special place. Go ahead. Click the link and be fucking amazed. I own a piece of that. I have…Read More

Our Dismal State of Affairs

Woke up this morning feeling the best I have in three weeks. This appears to be finally over completely. A follow-up post on that in a few days…to explain how I finally figured out an ending to it on my own, with help from a friend. I sensed the end was coming when after three…Read More

NFTs Are Dumb: Here’s Why

As many readers know, I did a deep dive into cryptocurrency a few years back and in fact, had purchased an initial Bitcoin long before that, in 2011, so 11 years now. And I'm still as confident in at least Bitcoin and Etherium as ever and hold some of each. I think there's good reasons for doing so and I treat it the same as I would holding gold in a vault. When I first…Read More

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #6 — Just Stop Believing

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #5 — What Does Your Phone Really Cost You? Introductory Post and Table of Contents (Public Access) I'm not fond of the concepts of skeptic, critic, curmudgeon, et all. The best I can do is misanthropy. It used to be focussed and targeted. Since Covid, and now, Rukrane, my misanthropy is blurry and generalized. It's now truly blunt; transformed into an instrument of war. Don't you…Read More

Oliver Stone’s Ukraine On Fire (And Other Stuff)

No truly thinking person wants to restrict relevant information on any topic of interest. Remember back in the Paleo Daze when many of us often exposed ourselves to things put out by vegans? Dr. Michael Greger was one such MD vegan for me. For one, his videos are rather entertaining, he's very engaging with good delivery, and so that made it easy to access really decent info on things like blood sugar regulation and control…Read More

Russia and Ukraine Again — But My Takes

The best thing about the mess is that it came right in time as everyone was getting bored with Covid. So this is a mostly-funny post. Alex Berenson has a Word Perfect new piece about that: The Covid vaccine era is ending already. So delicious. So many levels. So essentially Darwinian. I laughed throughout. Schadenfreude. For me, it's at least a welcome relief, because tech and media have made it such that all the performative…Read More

The Amazing Bacon of…Thailand!

The pork in Thailand is astounding. For two years I've asked around and have been told a million stories, but nothing I can even begin to verify. My favorite is that Germans showed them how to raise good pork and they took it from there. Can't verify it, so it's just one of many stories. But it doesn't matter because the pork is good anyway. Living in Thailand quickly disabuses you of any notion that…Read More

Steady Dose Vitamin C Love

A fun one to put out there. Wholesome. Something to take your mind off perpetual global crisis and refocus on what it is you truly want in your one and only life. ...I arose yesterday morning, Friday, and did what I do the first thing every Friday morning (it's ritual now and sometimes I even know what day it is here, solely because of it). I make coffee and enjoy Mike Eades' latest issue of…Read More

The NATO Elephant In The Room

My problem with this is the same problem I’ve been having with every “crisis” for years, especially pronounced since 2015 and Trump. Approved Narrative Only. Back in the day—even though the media was left and overwhelmingly Democrat—there was only the prevailing narrative. Even to Democrats, the notion of Approved Narrative would have seemed as something…Read More

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #5 — What Does Your Phone Really Cost You?

Permanent Crisis Is The New Normal — Prosper Anyway #4 — What Others Think Of You Is None Of Your Business Even if it's only $50, what is the real cost? I got my first mobile phone from the Cellular One outlet in a Circuit City store in late 1992. It was a Motorola but not like the super big ones in American Psycho. (408) XXX-4167. I still remember the number because it's still my…Read More

A Heartwarming Rural Thailand School Graduation

Well, I hit the bed at 8pm last night, got up at 5am, and I finally felt 100% for the first time in five days. My last post gives the details of my bout with viral gastroenteritis. I have some pictures to show of what Thai ceremony looks like. It's not unlike ours in any sense that's essential—that which is being celebrated. It's just all the trappings that are quite different, which signals our stark…Read More

I Was Put Down Hard By Viral Gastroenteritis

Three days ago to the hour I got up, did my morning rounds of emails, reading, catching up…but feeling off in a weird way. I’d just slept but felt tired. That feeling can come and go so I dismissed it and carried on. But it persisted and deepened. There was no other sign, just increasing…Read More

Why Does Russia Have Bio-Labs In Mexico?

I have a substantial post in the Prosper Anyway Series just about ready for release and I’ve gotten myself sidetracked with a simple question. We’re jumping to the front of the line. This shouldn’t take long, because the question is obvious and simple. …But first, I ered in the title. I meant to ask why…Read More

When Do You Get Cancelled?

I have a low regard for that quote for the simple reason I’ve seen it breathlessly posted for decades as though it’s some new discovery or insight, when the simple fact is that nobody gives an eff, really. I suppose it’s the same sort of psychology of not paying too much regard to accident scenes…Read More

Global Bias About Russia And Ukraine

Well I stumbled into something that seems to energize folks. I had intended to do a one & done the other day with my post on the definitive thinking in all of this. Then I followed it up with a post citing something astute and prescient that Noam Chomsky said about it. That riled up…Read More