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—> Diet, Health, Weight Loss, Recipes and Food Pics.

This is the long development of my Paleo past which is how most readers are familiar with me. It's always evolving, just like humans have been, just in a far shorter frame of time since, knowledge and experience can be gained rapidly. We're still probably playing catch up. Much draws on my own experience and experimenting over time: what works, what doesn't; and, importantly: what probably doesn't matter much.

—> Travel and Living Abroad; Active Lifestyle.

It draws from my previous experiences of living in Japan for five years in the 1980s where I also travelled extensively all over Asia by US Navy ship. Also, living two years in France in the early 1990's as an exchange officer with the French Navy where we travelled extensively all over the Med. Finally, living as an expat in Thailand since January, 2020…in the North, the Northeast Isaan area where I built a house using village labor; and finally, on the island of Phuket down the peninsula on the Andaman Sea.

—> Politics and Social Relationships

This is where all the triggering, controversial stuff goes. Well, perhaps except for the Health Bundle. People can get pretty attached to their health imperatives and poisons. Politically and socially, the whole world has never existed in such a state of antagonism where any sense of basic humanity towards others can be cancelled in an instant if they don't think and act in lockstep with the prevailing narrative.

Rather that fuel the flames on either side, as a basic, bread & butter small-c conservative, perhaps a core value of that is we ought to ask questions and explore what affords us the best sorts of lives. What values are we acting for?

I know I will falter in that ideal and the emotions will get the best of me sometimes. But, if there's anything I wish to do in this, especially now, it is to have a cooler head prevailing.

—> Business, Finance, and Economics

This content draws from two basic areas where I gained expertise.

In 1993, I started my 3rd business in a bedroom after the 1st two were failures and the $50k lost is chalked up to postgraduate tuition, since I already paid for an undergrad business admin degree. Third time's the charm, they say and it was true for me. Had a good 20+ year run, maintained a client base of about 2,000 consumers in financial services, about 30 employees, and $3-3.5 million annual revenue. I also traded options full time for a while, and also cryptocurrency. I'm a Bitcoin maximalist Hodler, now.

—> Free Member Content

All published content that's free to all members, paid or unpaid.

—> Sh*ts and Rants (free)

My ranty posts or videos. Free, because who wants to pay for that shit?

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