I'm Richard Nikoley. Free The Animal began in 2003 and as of 2022, I've written and published 5,000 posts. I write what I wish...from health, diet, and food; to travel and lifestyle; to politics, social antagonism, expat-living...location and time independent—while you sleep—income. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances.

Free the Animal really means to free yourself to reach your ideal potential in all areas of your life, learn from mistakes and successes, and move on.

Fasten your seat belts. There's no chance you won't encounter turbulence.

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Battleground Melbourne

This newly released documentary covering the abject, communist-style despotism by Daniel Andrews, the Prime minister of the State of Victoria in Australia, brought tears to my eyes too many times. It is a modern-day tale of what happens when that...
Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 9.31.12 AM

A Chat With Moritz Bierling

We've had a couple in the past: A talk-to-interview with Moritz Bierling of Existential VenturesA Conversation About Everything With Moritz Bierling and Andy Curzon Maybe you've seen neither of those but if you wade into this and like it for...

Nine Just Published Studies: It Might Be Too Late For You

Delivered with scant, sterilized, and non-vitriolic commentary: The Lyons-Weiler Paper An early entry, put out 9 December, about a month ago. Not sure if submitted for publication but upon some searches, I see that lots of Usual Suspects went bat-shit...

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My New Telegram Channel

At the risk of "I knew you'd be back" giggles and whatnot, I recently installed...

Holiday Week Entertaining Musings: Trump & Candace, Don’t Look Up, and Catch-22 Vis-a-Vis MASH

I suppose it's appropriate in this now dire-need Season to make all my posts public...

Merry Christmas, Of Course

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it is that the whole world loves Christmas?...

Laundry List Of Kicked-In-The-Teeth Covid While FULLY VACCINATED!!! LOLs

Elizabeth Warren tests positive for COVID-19 Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., announced that she has tested...

Vitamins D3 and K2 For Diseased Hearts — A Case Report

I'd logged too few hours of good sleep for two nights in a row. So...

“I TOLD YOU SO” — A Rant

I'm glad for the growing swell of COVID!!! and VARIANT!!! and JUST GET VACCINATED!!! fatigue...

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