Left, Right, Sheep, and Seals Hoist With Their Own Petard: Covid Compliance

The actual phrase is hoist with his own petard and and emanates from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. It’s basically the drama wherein, a bomb-maker blows himself up.

It’s poetic; and, it’s justice.

Let it work,
For ’tis the sport to have the enginer
Hoist with his own petard; and ’t shall go hard
But I will delve one yard below their mines
And blow them at the moon. O, ’tis most sweet
When in one line two crafts directly meet.

—  Prince Hamlet, in Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4

If you’ve ever laughed your ass off watching videos from that world of 6th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages blowing themselves up whilst giving instruction on suicide-bomb operation, you know exactly what Shakespeare means. I can’t imagine a scene more cathartic. It’s even more cathartic when women and children are included amongst the resultant hamburger…

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.— Henry David Thoreau

I never mince words.

The search function here at FTA indicates I’ve used this specific ‘petard’ reference 12 times going back to 2006. It used to be a favorite of AnCaps.

In This Post:

  • The Ottawa Senators Have a 100% Vaccination Rate—and 40% of the Team Has Tested Positive for Covid
  • Jordan Peterson says he feels ‘stupid’ after taking COVID shot
  • ‘Most vaccinated’ place on earth cancels Christmas
  • COVID-19 outbreak at Connecticut nursing home kills 8, infects 89
  • Santa’s vaccine passport prompts supermarket boycott
  • Australian Hospitals Over Capacity With People Beaten By Police For Not Wearing Masks
  • “I Got Vaccinated So I Can Travel”
  • My American-Friend Thailand-Expat Got Vaccinated To Travel; Now In Hospital Jail
  • It Breaks More Every Day
  • Update

The Ottawa Senators Have a 100% Vaccination Rate—and 40% of the Team Has Tested Positive for Covid

The sidelining of an NHL team this week shows that, while vaccination rates are high, indoor, maskless activities can still lead to an outbreak

LOL spin from the parasitical vermin at The Wall Street Journal.

A substantial Covid-19 outbreak that this week has sidelined the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators—despite the entire team being vaccinated—carries a warning for the coming months of professional sports: even with blanket immunization, pandemic disruptions are far from over.

The NHL announced the suspension of the Senators’ season through at least Nov. 20 after 10 players and one coach tested positive in recent days. The team says it is fully vaccinated, but hasn’t specified which shots players have received.

After nearly two years in which sports have delivered some of the most vivid case studies in public health, the Senators are presenting yet another: just how much Covid can still spread when a vaccinated group of people gather in poorly ventilated places and get up in each other’s bare faces. That’s a problem for every sport that plays indoors—and a warning for every coming holiday party.

The two cunts who wrote the piece—Louise Radnofsky and Laine Higgins—demonstrate in the best traditions of female-writer sports journalism how it’s always about the cock-sucking. But that’s traditionally about sucking athlete cock. This is a departure, where they throw them under the bus in favor of sucking the cocks of their male-like bosses and other organizational woke.

The hockey Senators just want to phuck.

Jordan Peterson says he feels ‘stupid’ after taking COVID shot

Indeed he should. I have not been chumped. I watch Dave Rubin from his YouTube channel quite a bit now and more recently, the hot black chick Candice Owens (more too on her later, maybe…depends how long this goes).

I’ll link up a post for the more reader types.

“Look, I got vaccinated and people took me to task for that and I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine,” Peterson told Dave Rubin last Wednesday while speaking out against government COVID rules.

“Here’s the deal guy, I’ll get the vaccine, you f***ing leave me alone. And did that work? No, so stupid me, you know, that’s how I feel about it.”

Peterson told Rubin he thinks it’s insane that Canadians who are un-jabbed cannot leave the country and that even the jabbed still have to submit to COVID tests before coming home.

“You know, Canadians who are vaccinated now cannot leave the country. Yeah. What the hell? Why? Why is that,” Peterson said.

“It’s like, why did I get the vaccine then if you’re not going to leave me alone.”

If you want to see his rage:

‘Most vaccinated’ place on earth cancels Christmas

How most vaccinated?


Yes, the Einsteins who run the BOT (British Overseas Territory) of Gibraltar at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula in southern Spain claim 118% vaccination. They explain away their ignorance of basic math by saying that it’s because migrant workers who go in and out are also vaccinated.

Math clue to morons who run a British Territory in 2021, still: it’s still 100% vaccinated. (It’s also a clue to happenings in UK with its brain drain over centuries, etc.)

Here’s your cathartic laughs at the expense of a lot of Queen’s English-speaking morons.

Amid a surge in Covid-19 cases, Gibraltar has canceled official Christmas events and “strongly” discouraged people from hosting private gatherings for four weeks. Gibraltar’s entire eligible population is vaccinated.

The government of Gibraltar recently announced that “official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings” have been canceled, and advised the public to avoid social events and parties for the next four weeks. Outdoor spaces are recommended over indoor ones, touching and hugging is discouraged, and mask wearing is advised.

“The drastic increase in the numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19 in recent days is a stark reminder that the virus is still very prevalent in our community and that it is the responsibility of us all to take every reasonable precaution to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” Health Minister Samantha Sacramento said. 

Gibraltar, a tiny British Overseas Territory sharing a land border with Spain, has seen an average of 56 Covid-19 cases per day over the last seven days, up from fewer than 10 per day in September. The rise in cases, described by the government as “exponential,” comes despite Gibraltar having the highest vaccination rate in the world.

More than 118% of Gibraltar’s population are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with this figure stretching beyond 100% due to doses given to Spaniards who cross the border to work or visit the territory every day. Masks are still required in shops and on public transport.

So hilarious. All you chumps who got vaccinated. I vowed never, can sit in place until sanity is regained, and I absolutely love to lie better to lesser intelects. I consider it a moral imperative to lie to stupid and if you have qualms about lying to vermin, you’re weak and pathetic.

COVID-19 outbreak at Connecticut nursing home kills 8, infects 89

Eight residents at a Connecticut nursing home have died in a COVID-19 outbreak at the facility in less than seven weeks, administrators said.

Sixty-seven residents and 22 staffers at Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in North Canaan have tested positive for the virus since Sept. 30, administrators said in a statement Friday.

“Sadly, we have lost 8 residents with serious underlying health issues to Covid,” the nursing home said. “We are encouraged to see 69 staff and residents already recovered and coming off isolation.”

A total of 48 residents and 21 staffers have since recovered at the facility, which is now being monitored by the state Department of Public Health, NECN reported.

“Family members of residents in long-term care facilities should also encourage their loved ones being cared for in these facilities to get a booster vaccine,” a DPS spokesperson told the station.

“Get a booster vaccine.” You can’t make this shit up and I wonder how much the roles of the chumped who got one in the first place are still buying into this. I suspect—as in the case of Jordan Peterson, above—that redemption and righteous outrage is afoot. While I do use derogatory terms to characterize every last person who got vaccinated without “I have serious medical problems so why not?” I’m also a sucker for redemption. I’ve been an idiot about lots of things in my life and probably still am in a few, but I endeavor to STOP BEING AN IDIOT!!!

I believe that every human involved in pushing vaccines from a position of authority globally is guilty of a capital crime, should face charges, and the death penalty should be on the table. That runs into the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions. So be it.

There’s your Great Reset right there.

Santa’s vaccine passport prompts supermarket boycott

The UK’s advertising watchdog is probing an advert from supermarket giant Tesco in which perennial festive figure Santa Claus whips out his vaccine passport at the border amid concern for his free movement, saving Christmas.

On Saturday, Tesco premiered its 90-second TV ad, set to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, in which plucky Britons are seen determined to enjoy their Christmas after 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions and a subdued festive period in 2020. 

The advert, titled ‘This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us’, became the most complained about of the year to date. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received some 1,500 complaints over the weekend with a small section of the British public angered by the appearance of a vaccine passport within video.

The offending scene shows a TV reporter announcing that “Santa could be quarantined” in a “breaking news” feature. However, viewers are then shown a bearded Santa Claus presenting his Covid-19 vaccine passport at border control, allowing him to pass freely into the country, thus saving Christmas. 

The reason I’ve called it “The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be” for a couple of decades. I know a LOT of Brit expats here in Thailand. They’re all expats for very good reason. Britain is a “nation” of mostly weak, entitled, whining, petulant little cunts, now. Ask a Brit expat. Many will tell you themselves.

The Land of the Free is headed in the same direction, on a rocket sled and in Mussolini-eque-fascist right on time, all the time. Corporatism is as far from free markets as is communism from religious freedom. Fools.

Dutch Health and Safety Regulations Stipulate…

I come from a world where I came to USS Reeves—stationed in Yokosuka, Japan—in 1984 and my chief mentor was LT Vince De Keim, a little Dutch-ancestry guy not more than 5’7. I was a recently minted Ensign, fresh out of various Navy schools in San Diego since college graduation.

He was a fun, competent little fucker who could make you laugh. Once I got qualified to run the ship at sea as officer of the deck and watch rotation had it that I’d relieve my teacher on watch, he’d bring me over to the chart and—there in the western pacific and south China seas—point out a bunch of things to “look out for.” Then he looks up and winks.

Every one is named after Dutch explorers from centuries past.

I “like” how at the very end when the two “health officers” have beat him until he’s either reduced to play-dead possum or unconscious, a “safety officer” comes up to deliver a light tap on the shoulder, as if to signal, “that should prevent a Covid outbreak.”

If you have every wondered how it was that young officers and soldiers of the “Third Reich” could simply load women, children, and families into boxcars to a destination certain with their fates sealed—deaf to the voices of their own consciences—then understand that the purpose of “just doing my job” and “just following orders” is explicitly designed to make the voice of conscience mute. Young weak males aiming to please and gain status with Alpha are the most pliable subjects in this regard.

Are these the sorts of people you would want to have in your family and friends circle?

Australian Hospitals Over Capacity With People Beaten By Police For Not Wearing Masks

The very best satire is when you’ve already assumed it’s true.

SYDNEY—Australian hospitals are bursting at the seams, having reached their breaking point after being flooded with patients during the pandemic. The Australians streaming into the hospitals don’t have COVID, though, but instead are just bloodied and bruised from cops beating them up for not wearing masks, going outside for fresh air, and talking to other people.

While Australia has done well keeping case numbers down throughout the pandemic, their performance fighting the virus has been offset by the number of people getting curb-stomped by police.

“Well, bugger! It’s way over capacity here, mate,” said one nurse in Sydney. “By the beard of a Koala! We got way too many wankers comin’ on in here and gettin’ all cracked up by the bloody coppers, mate.” In American English, this apparently means, “Well, gosh darn it all! There’s too many people in this hospital, y’all. By the beard of Abraham Lincoln! We have way too many people coming into this here hospital and getting beat up by the popo, dude.”

According to medical professionals in Australia, the concerning rise in people getting absolutely demolished by the police and having to get rushed to the hospital is exacerbated by the fact that hospitals are already overwhelmed with people who got bit by two-story-tall spiders, punched by kangaroos, and elbow-dropped by drop bears.

“I Got Vaccinated So I Can Travel”

Have you heard that apology as much as I have? It’s 100% out of a few dozen for me. Not a single person has said that they got it over their individual and private health status vis-a-vis Covid. Let that sink in.

If this isn’t the height of chumped, then I don’t know what is.

You vaccinated are all complicit, because you’ve all demonstrated that indeed, it has nothing to do with health or relative risks that is a private discussion between you and your qualified medical doctor.

Instead, you silly suckers, fools, and chumps perpetuate compliance, since because you sheep and clapping seals comply over and over, there is never an end to more measures of compliance until you’ll be so destitute and powerless that resistance is no longer feasible.


…Just like the Ottawa Senators can phuck.

My American-Friend Thailand-Expat Got Vaccinated To Travel; Now In Hospital Jail

Doug has been an expat in Thailand for about 20 years. Lives in Pattaya but has been here in Phuket for the last few months. I met him almost a year ago exactly while we were both staying at Expat Hotel, Patong Beach…mere meters away from the hotel I stayed at twice in 1989…long gone at least since the 2004 tsunami.

Within a few minutes of meeting him, he invited me to go with to Koh Lipe on a diving and snorkeling trip. Doug is a master diver with over 300. I’m a “tourist diver” with a few dozen. While qualified, I always go on tour dives with current instructors. Same way I fly airplanes. Get qualified, then take a current instructor along since you’re probably not current and practiced.

During the long drive south from Phuket to the place where we take the hour and-a-half speedboat 70 KM offshore to the island paradise—and the drive back—I get a sense of his political leanings. He’s a former engineer, so at least he knows fucking maths. He listens to NPR. He’s 62, reasonably lean, doesn’t smoke or drink, but chases 20-something hot Thai chicks most every night with 100% success. In that, his formula is to sleep early, wake up at 2-3, shave, put on perfume stuff and pressed slacks-shorts and a collared shirt, hit the streets at 4am. His nightly discipline and stamina is impressive.

Accordingly, he got his 2 jabs per the instructions. Then, he booked tickets to go back to the Land of the Free where he was born. Oh, but wait! He still has to get a “test” before flying and it’s positive.

LOL LOL LOL LOL. I did literally laugh in his face, friend-to-friend.

He could not fly, he misses Thanksgiving with family, and it costs to reschedule his flights. He had a side-trip to Ecuador before returning to Thailand so effectively, it cuts short his USA time with family over holidays by about 10 days.

He’s in Thai Hospital prison for 10 days at his own expense, which will be about $3,000+.

Is he sick?

He says he was feeling a bit weak and run down, and sported a 100 degree temperature. OMG, CALL THE MORTICIAN AND PUT THEM ON STANDBY!!!

Of course, he’s going to be just fine and would have been perfectly fine in any case and anyone he might have otherwise spread the virus to would also be fine to a better-than 99.8% confidence.

This is why I tell the Vaxxed So I Can Travel chumps here in Thailand that so long as testing is required, avoid all that requires testing, because a positive is a positive. Hospital 10-day quarantine at your own expense is not optional, chumped or non-chumped.

It Breaks More Every Day

I drafted most of this yesterday but a little voice told me to let it age a day.

Sure enough, I got up this morning and had to tone it way down.

This is the toned-down edit.

The simple reason is that “chumped” is a more accurate and near-neutral characterization than is stupid, moron, idiot, and fucktard. Just because it’s in my heart of hearts doesn’t mean I have to write it like that.

That said, let me be clear. I have never had a microgram of fear over Covid and because it’s a respiratory virus which means, spread by essential human characteristics like breathing, sneezing, and coughing…then fuck off with your Original Sin.

Sooner or later, you will come to grips with human-animal reality. Nature culls the weak. If Covid can kill you, then you should be dead and as sorrowful as that may be on familial levels, it’s a has-to-be, so it’s a good-to-have. In large part, modern human social advancement is about preserving the weak at the increasing expense of the strong and able.

I’m generally in favor of that sort of thing and it’s a large part of the calling of all levels of the medical profession. My friend Dr. Mike Eades frustrates me at times over this, but he and his wife are doctors. It’s a good balance for me to have since I’m a kill them all sort of guy, let God sort it out.

But there are limits because everything is limited, Nike. Medical professionals understand triage better than we do.

The last couple of years have been about fomenting as much fear, hysteria, and resultant compliance for fascistic global profits the world has ever seen. Billions are abject chumps, standing in line to be chumped.

The foregoing is part LOL told you so, but the more important implicit message is one of hope and reality.

The hope is that we’re on the path to normal—back from the rabbit-hole excursion and that we learn from it.

The reality is that every single day, it’s the former all-in mask, lockdown, vaxx, booster, etc. who are coming to see the light because at this point, it’s unavoidable to not have a friend, family, or other loved-ones not severely harmed, or worse, by everything you advocated.

…And may you never have a restful night of sleep for the rest of your garbage life of sucking up. In that, I prefer justice over redemption.



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  1. Todd Lambert on November 25, 2021 at 19:47

    Some may enjoy this take as a compliment to Richard’s post:

  2. Holly Champaign on November 25, 2021 at 23:02

    Wonder what Dr. Eades would think about this N-2 experiences and his lukewarm vaccine support (I am a The Arrow subscriber BTW). The first I came across at the end of this post:

    At the very end the friend recounted her families experience with a new drug to induce labor. “…Second, I’m very hesitant about new medicine because of my brother Howard. He was born in 1939. This is what my mother told me: At the time there was a new medicine which doctors were using to induce labor. They said it was safe. My mother was pregnant with my brother and the doctor had 10 women ready for delivery. He wanted to travel and see his son play in a football game, He induced labor in all 10 women—4 of the babies, including my brother, lived and all had cerebral palsy. Five years later he had polio.”

    My aunt born in 1939, via C-section after a failed induction, also had polio. But it does partially explain my perplexity with, if polio was SO infectious why did she get polio and not her younger sibling and most of her friends/classmates (per my Mom, her older sister).

  3. Greg on November 27, 2021 at 02:14

    I just returned from Mexico on Sunday. No requirements to enter, but to return to the Land Of Free, needed a negative covid test, along with declaring on a website, im safe to enter and that im not vaccinated. So looks like big brother now has an official record of me not being vaxxed

    • Richard Nikoley on November 27, 2021 at 06:27

      The list grows and will grow of nice tourist destinations with zero requirements.

      I laugh in the faces of Thais and expats talking about their various schemes to get tourism back. Since July 1 when the “Phuket Sandbox” opened and then on Nov 1, a more expanded reopening, there have been about 80,000 new arrivals and a huge percentage are just people RETURNING to their home, life, girlfriends, and families here.

      In 2019, there we 42 million arrivals who spent $63 billion. That’s about 175K per day.

      These people are masturbating in public view.

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