What’s at the Very Root of Corruption?

The other day, I read a piece from Dr. Robert Malone, a guy who not only initially invented the tech for mRNA with about 18 patents, but turns out to be an accomplished commentator on many things philosophical. Go figure.

Perhaps it's ironic that I grasp his philosophic contributions far more than his bio-tech explanations about what's problematic with mRNA vaccines, though I'm comfortable in my layman understandings of such. I'm studied quite a lot in the former, not at all in the latter. And yet, the former mysteriously informs the latter in ways that require more than a cursory look.

In other words, basic philosophy is the bedrock of modern technology. Philosophy underpins all, fundamentally. Metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics form the 5 branches of philosophic thought. They are scarcely understood in such secular terms amongst most I've ever talked to. It's why most people's blatherings sound like young children talking.

Yet they persist, and Malone often does a decent job because he knows them and is able to communicate them. So let's move on. His whole essay is worth reading but I'm going to go with commentary on the one thing I agree with the most, then two things I quibble with the most.

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Richard Nikoley

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