Drop Alcohol and Work Out to Cure Loss of Appetite

At 7 Months

I began digging into this loss of appetite thing that I previously posted about. Good idea to check out that post and watch the video as a prerequisite to this.

With suggestions from a couple of kind folks I began digging. That turned up a lot of possibilities but the ones that seemed the easiest to implement were dropping alcohol and working out, then see if the appetite begins to return.

So, I made a video about all of it.

You can go watch the video right here.

Below, for members, I'm adding adding premium content that includes a how it's going 2 days in. The focus is on the small positive things you can notice within a day of stopping and they build and get even better. This, provided you're one who drinks too much, too often, and on a near daily basis.

I also put up an embed of the video and a food pick from a meal just a bit ago. Oh, and a source for 50 of those before and after pics of folks who stopped. Absolutely amazing.

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