The Not So Regularly Scheduled Sunday Roundup — September 12

I'm dreadfully late getting this out. I'm also behind in writing content with many posts in draft and many on a list.

And yet, I'm up and about around 04.30 every morning.

What in the hell is my problem?

Videos. I've created a monster and he is I.

I know this doesn't sound like that bodes well for those out there who are not so much video, moreso the writing. I'm profusely sorry and I promise that my failings will right themselves soon.

It's not just the video. It's a whole damn new life. Ditching alcohol has radically altered every aspect of my life, and for the really damn good. It's just that in charting and navigating this new course, I'm a bit disorganized, jumping from one thing to the other and for the moment, putting stuff in video is expedient.

Plus, I believe the investment in time and attention is going to pay off long term.

When I began producing the 50+ videos I've published since early July (about 10 weeks), I was at about 1,000 watch hours accumulated since my first in 2006, 16 years ago. I had close to 200 total videos published in that time. So, in just over 2 months, I've doubled total watch-time over 16 years and it keeps increasing, accelerating. I'm near a rate of 600 hours per month.

Plus, I've created a monster. Initially, I was content to do a single file take and upload it to YouTube with no editing. Ha, wait until you see the one I did yesterday morning.

Ridiculous. Not only am I doing title text, but transitions too.

And now?

Yep, two cameras, like the pros do. And, I even know how to get both cameras in sync, regardless of when you begin recording. Now I know what that clapper is for when they're filing movies and TV shows with a bunch of different camera angles. So, yea, I start the cameras rolling and then do a loud clap. You then trim each camera's footage to that exact clap-point and voila, your clips are all in sync on your editing timeline.

It's pretty damn fun, actually. What seems impossibly daunting initially becomes just another of those things in life where you just have to jump in and take the challenge, sink or swim.

In this week's video footage, reverse chronological order this time, because I don't want you to have view fatigue before you get to my prideful newbie achievement.

  1. Nai Harn Lake laps for 4.2 km to talk about everything
  2. Hiking Invitation To Friends in the Rawai and Nai Harn Area of Thailand
  3. Innuendo by Queen; A Reading
  4. Tinder Serendipity With The Girls Of Thailand
  5. Big Full-Body Gym Session Requires Big Grilled Chicken, Pork, and Veggies
  6. The Laughable State of the Whole World and Crumbling "New World Order" Joke
  7. Feeling Tired, So Tired, and Discouraged? I Can Definitely Help
  8. One Month No Alcohol Over a 99 Baht Breakfast and a Surprise Ending
  9. Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy
  10. My encounter with faux piety, sanctimony, and pretense at a restaurant
  11. GoPro on My GPX Cafe Racer to Nai Harn, Phuket, Thailand...For a Morning Cafe Americano

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