Greetings, Subscribers to my “Non-Pestering Newsletter.”

How about “rare, almost no-pestering?”

How many times have you coughed up an email address in exchange for some informational value, expecting that ‘yea, there’s going to be some marketing efforts too?’

And that’s no prob for me if it’s sensible. I remain on several lists because marketing emails are pretty few and far between. But then there are those where it’s not just once per week—or even once per day—but often enough…A FEW SALES EMAILS PER DAY!

You’ve seen the drill. Urgency after urgence, only a few hours left, gone for good, yada yada.

I don’t know how one can operate like that. It must work in some universe somewhere because so many keep doing it.


Let me at least get right to the point: I’m doing a week-long paid-membership drive (this sentence should be in bold, right? Larger font?…perhaps even in a vibrant color…flashing neon?).

It’s for anyone, existing member or not. The current schedule is 6 bucks per month, 50 per year, or just recently, 250 lifetime. Simple pimple.

So here’s the offer:

2 Months Free for the monthly; or, 20% discount for the annual. This means you’ll pay the $6 subscription for the 1st month, then months 2 and 3 are $0. For the annual, you’ll pop for 40 bucks instead of 50 for the first year, 20% off.

The Discount Code for both is the same: 2MONTHSFREE. It’s not case sensitive. I’m just putting it in bolded caps because that’s what you’re supposed to do or there’s no possibility that anyone will use it. I mean look: 2monthsfree…You Must Be Joking!

…For some reason only a tech-geek could explain, the Discount Code for Lifetime Membership only works if you’re already a member. If you’re an existing member at any level, log in and it should work. If not a member, then grab the free membership first and try again. Any problems, reply to this email and we’ll get it werked.

The deal is a 10% discount, so $225 instead of $250. A bit stingy, I know, but it is for life and you’ll never have to endure this financial setback ever again. Eternal Bliss will be yours, I guarantee it.


If you’re already a monthly subscriber, then I’ll manually refund your last subscription payment, so your total discount is $31. If you’re an annual, and, your last pop was within the last 6 months, I’ll refund an additional $25, so your discount is $50 total. Lifetime membership for $200.

The Discount Code for this one is: 25TOLIFE.

Here’s where you click in: Free and Paid Member Levels.

Tug At Heartstrings

Well…because from now until late December I’m tight. Everything goes to a normal and sane financial life then, and gets even better by March of 2023. Top Secret.

It so happens that two wonderful young girls I know, 13 and 11, have an upcoming week-long school vacation, I haven’t done anything special for them in forever, and I want to take them and their mom on a short trip for about 4 days. Beach and fun and good food and stuff. A water-world sort of amusement park thing… That sort of thing.

So. Heartstring Tug: check!


I’ve never intended to do promotion stuff like this. Primarily, that’s because the sort of folks I attract pay or they don’t, on their own perception of the value I deliver. Simple duh.

It’s just working out that way this time due to circumstances in the short term…and so see what happens.

And, it so happens that this deal ending on Saturday, 22 October—in 10 days—isn’t the only urgency afoot.

In December, I’ll be running a month-long reverse-promotional gig, if that’s the right word for it.

What is it?

Well, rather than do discounts and such, I’m going to be raising prices.

How much?


On January 1, 2023, the Monthly subscription doubles to $12, the annual, to $100…and the Lifetime evens out at $500.

…Now the catch here is that all existing memberships stay at what they are now, in perpetuity. That doubling of price doesn’t affect you at all. So, the only urgency for you is upgrading from free to anything else, monthly to annual, or life; or, upgrading from annual to life.

So if ever you thought of maybe upgrading perhaps maybe someday, then January 1 looms. But, now you have even a 2nd reason to just do that upgrade now.

For the next 10 days. Might as well grab the deals and PROTECT YOURSELF!!! from the coming crisis!

Ok. Create Urgency: check!

…Well I guess that about covers it.

Monthly Subscription

The price for membership is $12.00 per Month.

Sign Me Up!

Monthly subscription for everything, $12 per month. Cancel at any time with a click.

Membership Never Expires.

Annual Subscription

The price for membership is $100.00 per Year.

Sign Me Up!

One simple annual charge for everything. Saves $44 off the monthly price of $12. 30% savings. Easy Peasy.

Membership Never Expires.

Lifetime Subscription

The price for membership is $500.00 now.

Sign Me Up!

One charge for everything, For Life. Never expires or renews. Saves $220 over 5 years and $940 over 10 years.

Membership Never Expires.
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