SADS Amongst The Rich, Famous, and Notable

— A Mystifying Thing That Would Be All Over World News If The Cause Was Anything Else

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This will be sort of a 2-parter. The next post/email will be about eye-popping excess mortality that’s not from infection by a certain flu-like virus. Following that, more stuff as I outlined in the last post/email about Wegovy the expensive weight-loss drug vs. the yacon tuber and syrup.

Ok, let’s get right to it. I subscribe to a terrific daily newsletter by ‘I’m just a lawyer what do I know?’ Jeff Childers, Esq., a polymath and a sarcastic writer.

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Over the last months, Childers has taken to documenting the advent of the all-new and mystifying SADS—Adult Sudden Death Syndrome. Some of you oder folks might remember back in the day a thing called “crib death,” or SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Well, that one was truly mystifying because it turned out to have a “mechanical” or physical cause, not a medical or micro-biologic one. See, little babies are given to vomiting with the ease and frequency of dogs. Over fear of aspirating the vomit, parents were always advised to “burp the baby” after feeding (better it ends up on your nappie-draped shoulder than in the baby’s lungs) and when laid down to sleep, they’d put them on their stomachs, so that if they do burp up more, it ends up on the crib sheets.

The unknown was that with various blanketing, swaddling, and pillows, the infant could get wrapped up and not be able to breathe sufficiently and didn’t have the wherewithal to extricate itself. Since the recommendation changed to lay them down on their backs instead, SIDS has largely gone away, chalked up to well-meaning, innocent, but wrong—THE EXPERTS WERE WRONG OMG!!!—notions that killed babies.

For the Covid vaccinations, the companies that produced, marketed, and have made billions off them…the “experts,” the authorities, the politicians, the lackeys, and everyone else involved in this have never been either well-meaning, nor innocent. In fact, I will boldly and unabashedly assert without reservation, that it’s the exact opposite—I see utter evil—with the only possible exception being moronic ignorance.

The headline image isn’t intended to be a joke, though it is ironic. The SADS Foundation does exist, only it stands for Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes.

Coincidence? Completely accidental that they came up with an acronym that’s the same as for a life-saving institution?


On to the Gallery of Horror.

Each image is clickable to bring up a larger, readable image in lightbox, so that you can click through them and have your eyes wide [opened]/[shuttered] (either/or). Or, you can lamely say “this has always happened” (even though in your heart, you know that’s not true).

OK, in some number of hours I’ll be posting on the latest thing in excess deaths and it’s the most ominous to date.

It’s evidence that the worst possible thing that was predicted as a downstream effect of this rush to jab—with little to no serious clinical testing and none at all being long-term—might be coming to pass; and that is to wreck the immune systems of upwards of millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide.

AIDS by another mechanism. Perhaps AIDS light…if we’re “lucky.”

…Am I gloating because I was right about everything Covid from day numero uno? No, and not the least of which is that I have friends and family who got jabbed. So far so good amongst my circle. So many others? Not so much.

Am I trying to scare and petrify people? No, I’ll settle for causing them to feel stupid, gullible, and losing some sleep…acutely. But life must go on—for everyone left alive which I’m still confident will be most, for reasons I don’t yet understand.

Do I think justice is being served?

I’ll put it this way: reality is inviolable.

It’s never subject to our whims, hopes, fears, biases. It exists, and it is what it is. Our minds do not create reality. Our minds exist to perceive reality, integrate the given, and act accordingly.

Covid and everything that came from it was a massive global exercise in crowd hysteria, panic, stupid fucking delusions…leading to stupid fucking decisions…evil fucking potentates, miserable fucking nobodies drunk on power, blind (and stupid) leading blind (and stupider)…all those and more rallying around hopes, dreams, and ideologies for what’s somehow, twistedly wished for, with no regard to either reality itself nor to the basest essentials of humanity—that’s inescapably and inexorably captured inside of it.

…And that kind of hubristic ignorance—it is reality we’re talking about—comes with consequences when ignored and spurned…up to and including the very lives of some. It’s enough that it ought to give any rational man deep, lasting, and unforgettable pause.

The pause it gives me is this:

What in the fuck is it gonna take?

Is it going to take 60 years and a release of CIA documents—like those showing pretty conclusively that our own intelligence department was involved in the broad-daylight, public murder of its own president by means of brain splatter?

I’ve taken to calling this “The CIA-MURDERED-JFK Effect.”

This is where people see and hear something that’s so awful that they carry on as though they didn’t.

…The Lifetime Membership Option turned out to be the best decision I’ve made since turning this into a membership blog tens of thousands of dollars ago. I was sitting in a hotel room in Pattaya on October 9th or 10th—not even 3 months ago—and the idea popped into my head. It took but minutes to effect that whim via only a few points, clicks, and taps. Of course, nothing happened immediately. The next morning it was time to leave and I had an idea for a way to promote this new idea of paying $250.

Testimonials. In minutes, again, I’d identified a plugin that looked good and had it minimally set up. I wasted no time and shot off an email to members-only, asking for them to reply to the email and give me a testimonial. I hadn’t even set up the entry form yet. So here I am on the bus, Pattaya to Bangkok, to catch a flight back to Phuket, and I’m having these emails pop in and I’m manually copy/pasting them into the plugin via phone.

So now I had something to talk about and the Lifetime Memberships began coming in. Both new Members and those upgrading from Monthly and Annual. Given all the numbers, it made sense to them.

Well guess what?

The numbers are even better now—but only for THREE MORE DAYS! On Jan 1, the promotion goes away and the price of membership doubles for all levels.

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  1. Jackie Danicki on December 30, 2022 at 00:12

    Have you talked to Cernovich about all this? He’s been downright derisive about claims that sudden cardiac deaths are a new or recently accelerated phenomenon.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 30, 2022 at 01:21

      I’ve never taken Cernovich seriously.

      He’s a contrarian’s contrarian, that’s his schtick.

      I’m not a contrarian. That is, I do not adopt or embrace positions simply because they are at odds with someone/group and wish to garner attention just through neener neener bullshit.

      I’m an iconoclast where two conditions must hold.

      1. it’s group think

      2. it’s wrong

      Contrarians don’t care about #2. It’s all about #1.

      It’s already been shown many times that the SADS is WAY WAY above normal by looking in the easiest place, sports, where that stuff is meticulously tracked. Plus, we see it all over the modern world that’s highly vaxxed with general excess mortality in all age groups of 10-15% above 5-year averages.

      I’ve seen Cernovich go full moron-retard too many times to take him seriously.

      • Jackie Danicki on December 30, 2022 at 01:22

        I just want to read you guys debating it. 🙂

      • Richard Nikoley on December 30, 2022 at 02:03

        Monumental waste of time, especially considering that owing to the posts last couple of days, 8 NEW memberships.

        1 Monthly
        4 Annual
        3 Lifetime

        More coming, I’m sure.

      • Jackie Danicki on December 30, 2022 at 03:29

        The heart wants what the heart wants. 💔

  2. Gordon on December 30, 2022 at 05:54

    I don’t think SIDS went away, that whole thing is a cluster just like everything else. First of all it is very rare. Yet the public health authorities insist that in order to reduce the already small numbers, EVERYONE must make their infants sleep on their backs. Yeah we tried that for about 30 minutes and stopped because we couldn’t lie there next to a baby who was fidgeting and grunting constantly and was clearly uncomfortable, all of which stopped immediately when we turned her onto her tummy where she slept beautifully and adorably.

    So we had to just say mmhmm and be vague when asked during every Dr visit whether or not she was sleeping on her back.

    Infants who sleep on their backs end up with saucer-shaped heads. The backs of their heads get pushed flat. You may not have noticed but there’s a certain look that tells you the person was forced to sleep on their back as an infant.

    This is not a secret, it is an acknowledged side effect of what is an unnatural prescription. The medical response is “oh don’t worry they can just wear this helmet for a few years to squish their skull back into a normal shape.” I’m not joking.

    Furthermore I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual cause of SIDS turns out to be the same medical intervention that is causing SADS. But who knows.

    • Alan Andersen on December 30, 2022 at 06:47

      I believe the book, Jabbed, or some other similar book, claimed that SIDS indeed may be caused, in whole or in part, by certain “at birth” medical interventions that shall not be named. But the question remains as to whether SIDS cases have dropped since the back sleeping thing started. I had a close friend who was a doctor and his wife was a nurse. They lost a baby to SIDS back in the late 1980s.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 30, 2022 at 07:36

      Interesting. From what I gathered, if you do put them on their stomachs, no blankets, pillow and such.

      But, I’m just recalling this all as tidbits here and there, y’know?

      • Jackie Danicki on December 30, 2022 at 12:51

        When I was a day or two old, my mother (23, new mom) put me on my stomach in my basinette and I nearly choked to death on my own spit-up. My father heard a banging noise from the other side of the house and when he came to investigate, I was doing my best to turn over (and hitting the basinette against the wall). He picked me up, turned me over and, doctors said, saved my life.

        Some moms I know are not so risk-averse and will pile the stuffed animals and blankets into the crib. Personally I’m a real stickler about how babies are put down but I also know better than to question or challenge a mother on any parenting decision. (I’m currently helping a friend with her two-year-old twins and they each go to sleep with at least four books in their respective cribs. Can’t see that being a risk, it’s just cute. The only way the boy twin will lay down to have his diaper changed is if I give him a book to “read” while I clean him up.)

  3. Alan Andersen on December 30, 2022 at 06:39

    Powerful recap of all those sudden death articles. Regarding Cernovich’s issue, it seems the test is to do a search of sudden adult death articles for, say, a pre-Covid period like 2016-19. Let’s compare the pre- and post-jab search results. I would do it except I’m not sure which search terms to use and which search engine to trust.

    PS: I popped for the lifetime membership today. I figure I’ve been following you for so many years that I’m not going anywhere so might as well pay once and be done.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 30, 2022 at 07:39

      I’ve seen stats that compare the past to the present for sports sudden death and it’s way up by standard deviations.

      I’ll see if I can find some for my next post.

      (Yep, saw your subscription update come in just. bit ago. Thanks Alan.)

      • Currin on January 4, 2023 at 05:15

        Damar Hamlin
        Uche Nwaneri

        Damar might be from physical trauma, from the tackle. That is certainly the implied explanation. Might be a lot of things for either one of them – cocaine, steroids, undiagnosed congenital problems.

        But these collapses are absolutely “sudden and unexpected” and incredibly gut-wrenching to all involved.

        I know that any hint of anything suggesting myocarditis due to disease – or disease “protection” measures – will never be mentioned. Only fringe wingnuts would come up with anything that crazy!

        And the rich, famous, and notable keep mysteriously and catastrophically dropping. Nothing to see here.

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