Two Teenage Boys Die Totally Unremarkably In Their Sleep

—It's For The Children And The Greater Good

This is a rough and tumble for the public at large. Nobody is safe, including me. Fasten seatbelts. You should expect turbulence. If it doesn't kill you, perhaps you come out stronger.

I'll quote Alex Berenson from his Telegram feed.

The journal of the College of American Pathologists has a stunning report today on the cases of two teen boys who died following mRNA Covid vaccines. 

Both boys died in their sleep less than a week after the second dose, and neither had any known health conditions prior to death. 

The report’s lead author is Dr. James Gill, the chief medical examiner for the state of Connecticut and the 2021 President of the National Association of Medical Examiners. 

Myocarditis requiring hospitalization is known to occur in up to 1 in 2,000 teenage boys and young men at rates following mRNA jabs - a rate far higher than the rate caused by Covid infection. 

In these cases, autopsies of the two teenagers found evidence of myocarditis - heart inflammation - that appeared very different than the standard presentation of myocarditis. The report suggested a hyper-inflammatory cytokine response could have driven the damage.

Nothing to see here. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!!

For the political left, it's FAKE NEWS!!! and for the political right, it should be the standard thing hauled out for decades. It's honorable.

Why not?

I'm not being facetious. Rather, I'm standing on principal and an aversion to meaningless distinction.

Hasn't it always been about Keeping The American End Up by means of sacrificing the youngest and bravest (and indoctrinated) young men to war after war after war after endless war? ...All the trappings...with flags draped all over, pressed uniforms, gun salutes, and a pretty...GRAVE!!!

Such consolations...

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