Two Teenage Boys Die Totally Unremarkably In Their Sleep

—It’s For The Children And The Greater Good

This is a rough and tumble for the public at large. Nobody is safe, including me. Fasten seatbelts. You should expect turbulence. If it doesn’t kill you, perhaps you come out stronger.

I’ll quote Alex Berenson from his Telegram feed.

The journal of the College of American Pathologists has a stunning report today on the cases of two teen boys who died following mRNA Covid vaccines. 

Both boys died in their sleep less than a week after the second dose, and neither had any known health conditions prior to death. 

The report’s lead author is Dr. James Gill, the chief medical examiner for the state of Connecticut and the 2021 President of the National Association of Medical Examiners. 

Myocarditis requiring hospitalization is known to occur in up to 1 in 2,000 teenage boys and young men at rates following mRNA jabs – a rate far higher than the rate caused by Covid infection. 

In these cases, autopsies of the two teenagers found evidence of myocarditis – heart inflammation – that appeared very different than the standard presentation of myocarditis. The report suggested a hyper-inflammatory cytokine response could have driven the damage.

Nothing to see here. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!!

For the political left, it’s FAKE NEWS!!! and for the political right, it should be the standard thing hauled out for decades. It’s honorable.

Why not?

I’m not being facetious. Rather, I’m standing on principal and an aversion to meaningless distinction.

Hasn’t it always been about Keeping The American End Up by means of sacrificing the youngest and bravest (and indoctrinated) young men to war after war after war after endless war? …All the trappings…with flags draped all over, pressed uniforms, gun salutes, and a pretty…GRAVE!!!

Such consolations…

…The one thing about real, no shit war—like numbers 1 and 2—is that it brings people together…doesn’t matter what the stupid-fuck shit they believe or’ve always believed—or that their immigrant grandfather or great grandmother—who came here from Dumbfuck, Earth—believed and taught—as good as it may have been or grounded the family for a new beginning using their own ways as foundation.

In a no-shit world conflagration, people eventually come together to put a fucking end to it and reign in their fucktarded ignorant politicians who’re always vying for their expansion of power and influence even when it looks like they’re doing the opposite.

Geopolitics 101.

Why do you suppose all global conflicts since WWII have been regional, geographic theater, and in many cases amount to measured skirmishes? Because Democrats are stupid and Republicans are fucking stupid. Democrats will put up a fight about it—unless Black Jesus Obama is in The Office—and Republicans will haul out the flag along with all honor, pomp, and circumstance.

…The Sean Hannity level of patriotism—and I’m not against patriotism—makes me want to vomit half the time. I digress.

…At a point, one might begin to wonder—if they stop long enough to contemplate. Why are we sending so many off to die under the most ridiculous pretense—young men who otherwise get nice jobs, get nice wives, and raise nice children for the true future of America—whilst leaving it to crazies and lunatics to mouth-breathe the world with righteous admonitions…only before breeding amongst themselves to reproduce more of themselves?

Did Americans start losing the reproduction competition decades ago by short-sightedly killing their best sperm-factories with character, over political and ideological antagonisms, while letting the bed-wetters dominate the character and makeup of much of the so-called offspring over the last decades?

Few of the Karens and Kens who plague our lives in their 30s, 40s, and 50s today could possibly have come from a dude who died in Korea, Vietnam, or any of the other unwinnable skirmishes since. (Unwinnable, because none have ever been designed or envisioned to be won.)

…Have you noticed in just plain film and TV now? There always has to be a girl or boy brat that’s annoying as hell and fucks everything up to create “drama”—along with a parent who seems otherwise competent. But the parent-actor-star can’t seem to handle a 6yo or 12yo or 15yo who hasn’t learned to deal with emotions and every emotion is a fucking emergency.

Do I digress too much?

The sorts of young men sent off to die young in battle at the cheerleading of Republicans primarily, are exactly the kind of would-be parents who, not brutally, tell the kid to shut the fuck up, authoritatively. Less drama, better movies and TV. Please, God. Bring the troops home, via Hollywood.

…What would the tech giants be like today had so many Republicans not sent off brave and thoughtful young men to die over a bunch of 6th century, dirt-scratching savages and the THREAT!!! of TERRORISM!!!

Ever really think about that, Republicans? Or, do you just really like how all your defense-contractor stocks keep going up and up?

Now you see “terrorism” all over your backyard, neighborhood, community, city, state, and country…and it ain’t wearing rags on its head.

They’re wearing masks and their names are Karen and Ken.

I’ve written all the above, having voted as a registered Republican in the 2018 mid-terms in-person, and the 2020 by absentee legitimately, from Thailand. Those were the first two times I voted since the 2003 gubernatorial recall of Gray Davis for the most disappointing Republican result of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Spank my ass for not having a clue there. Married to a Kennedy. Duh.

I suppose I feel I’ve been fooled twice. I was much happier about all of it when I didn’t bother at all (2003 was an outlier…I’d already not bothered to vote for many years).

So, see, I’m kicking my own self in the ass. I do it because it doesn’t strictly relate to the subject matter at all.

I do that on specific purpose, because Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians are like slippery eels. They know for sure exactly what you’re saying, but because they’re deeply dishonest about fundamentals—with microgram integrity truly…with mostly lip-service served up in a meaningless-distinction smoothie—they talk too much and that’s a tell.



…Plus, it comes with tons of honor, trappings, formalities, pomp, circumstance, and a glossy 8×10 in a nice frame to put on your mantle, alongside a pristinely folded American flag.

Just something to remember everyone’s noble sacrifice by. Scratch deep enough, and it doesn’t matter who someone is or where they came from. The issue is not about whether or not sacrificing children and young people is a do or don’t. All that matters is whether you love it or not. Or, see the value in it. Or, see the necessity. Or, see the expediency. Or or or or or.

All the foregoing written already, there’s a silver lining. What is that?

We’re 2 years into WWIII. That’s number 3.

  1. It’s completely global
  2. People of the world are dropping every other thing they thought mattered to them to end it, in increasing droves

That’s humanity for you and the video evidence is everywhere, global. At this point, the politics is basically all clown-car circus—from Trudeau to Biden to whomever the fuck is holding out in Europe—and the show will go on and it’s still even money how the politicians come out of this (That bastard son of Fidel Castro in Canada—the part-time ski instructor—is probably toast).

But if you have a tinge of optimism and look around, you can’t help but notice that these are politically and ideologically homogenous crowds worldwide and it’s ultimately death to the machine should it persist…which is likely why many countries are rolling back the idiocy as fast as they can—pivoting, THE SCIENCE HAS CHANGED!!!—rather than just do the honorable thing, saying perfectly honestly that they were power-hungry lunatics who never gave a single fuck about any life or number of them…which would be true and correct.

I quoted Alex Barenson up top. Here’s the images he posted about the deaths of those healthy teens less than a week after being baptized getting an experimental medication injected into them.

Happens all the time. Common occurrence. I’ll bet people all over in the western developed countries go to bed every night hoping their teenage kids sleep through the night without dying.

I’ll finish by adding one I found somewhere a while back.

There’s a medical, psychological derangement diagnosis that tangentially describes this behavior in a mother.

Munchausen By Proxy.

I try to write in a way that’s not like any other dude. I know I miss that mark too often and plus, there are increasing numbers out there who just don’t give a fuck. So I better keep it edgy and spank everyone, myself included.

That’s to say, write to your own satisfaction and see who likes it.

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  1. Gordon on February 20, 2022 at 08:29

    You survived your time in the service, but didn’t make a contribution to the gene pool. Ever wish you had? But your life would be profoundly different if you had, and no guarantees your offspring would not be nuts just like so many. The universities seem to be able to turn almost anyone’s children against their parents. Or maybe that’s hyperbole I don’t know.

    I suspect enough people of any generation will rise to the occasion when it comes down to it. Including me. I hope I’m not wrong.

    Raising a kid right now is even heavier than usual. There is a feeling that if you’re kid is going to have a future at all you’re going to have to place Western Civilization on your own shoulders and lift…

    • Richard Nikoley on February 20, 2022 at 09:15

      No doubt it would be a lot different.

      Thoughts about it? Goes both ways. I’ve certainly had a lot of “freedom,” I suppose. There is a slight chance I may have one if the girl wants it, assuming I still live fire. We’ll see.

  2. Alan Andersen on February 21, 2022 at 13:20

    They say it’s a cost/benefit analysis. Of whatever. War, getting vaccinated. Problem is the cost goes to one person or group and the benefit goes to the other. In these cases, the costs are on the kids and the benefits to the warfare State or the Pharma State.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 21, 2022 at 13:29

      An honest look at history shows that’s how it has always been done, even going back to warlords and the Roman Empire.

      “[Young] Male privilege.”

  3. Alan Andersen on February 21, 2022 at 13:45

    Speaking of the gene pool and bedwetters. I’ve always wondered about that. How Germany, France, and England lost all the good ones between WWI and WWII. US had relatively way less casualties. So I think it explains the bedwetters in Europe (although half the population still seems good), but not the US. I believe the US problem is via immigration and feminization.

    But my father and uncle survived WWII and went on to have 13 children between them. My father was an Ensign on a refueling boat in the Pacific; my uncle was in the submarine service and has many harrowing tales. His sub went into Tokyo Bay in the middle of the war.

    Both my father and uncle went on to desk jobs after the war. But there was something about them that I don’t see much anymore. A calmness in the face of crisis. When Covid first hit, I was afraid. But then I thought of my father and uncle, and other men like them, including in Vietnam, and thought this Covid thing is nothing compared to that. At least I’m not in a trench getting shelled.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 21, 2022 at 14:06

      Good observations. My dad was a boy in Germany during WWII and though his family mostly lived in the west, he got stuck in the east when it ended.

      Harrowing tales.

      Now we do World Wars by smart phone. 😉

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