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— Cool Motorcycle Paint Job; Making Twitter Fun Again; I Got Hit By a Car; Excess Mortality; I Asked A Pregnant Woman “Boy or Girl” and Here’s What Happened; Food Pics, Recipes, and Reviews; Hit & Run Section; and My Pet Peeve

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I think I have my next trip decided upon, the only question is when. I have a friend (longtime reader and paid subscriber too) showing up here in Rawai in a couple of weeks (he’s an old Thailand hand for a good number of years) so I think I’ll wait until we’ve caught up, then head out. We’ll see. Since cost of travel is so inexpensive, I like it to be open-ended as to the return.

I can guarantee this: you’ll be amazed. It will include at least three…not one…not two…but THREE islands. Lots of exclusive content for paying subscribers, so grab that deal or upgrade while it’s cheap-ass.

Cool Motorcycle Paint Job With WWII Flair

The “Design”

We’d talked about it, my motorcycle guy and I, he’d given me a ridiculous price, and so I dropped it off and walked the rest of the way to the bus stop to catch my ride to the airport for the flight to Bangkok, recently.

He wasn’t there so there’s the “proof” on the design he messaged to me later from his phone. I was a bit worried, using every word I could think of—flat, matte, dull—to convey that I didn’t want a glossy finish. After a few rounds back & forth, he wrote “I understand what you want. You want a world war style car.”

Yep, except for the “car” part, but such misnomers are common when dealing in different languages.

Here’s some photos of the process. As you can see, completely disassembled. He even painted actuators and other hardware—even the engine.

The meaning of the “serial number,” 0555 is that in Thai, the number 5 is ‘ha.’ So, their texting equivalent of our LOL is 555. The zero being a negation, it “translates” to “not funny” or “no joke.”

No. Nobody gets it without me explaining it.

It’s getting quite a bit of attention as I drive around here on it, parking it various places. It sure was a fun gig to conceive of and get it done.

…Oh, almost forgot. The price. Well, first, imagine what you think the job might cost in your country, or what you’d be willing to pay.

Total cost was 6,000 baht. As current exchange rates, that’s $172 US. A new horn added 200 and I tipped him 300, so $186 in all.

Ready to move to Thailand, yet?

Elon Musk Is Making Twitter Fun Again — MTFA

— Twitter Means Nothing; Or Right Now, It Means Everything

And “Blazing Saddles” is Trending
  • What is Twitter, Anyway?
  • What Does The Left Think Elon Musk is Trying to Accomplish?
  • What is Elon Musk Really Accomplishing?
  • The Golden Helmet
  • Making Twitter Fun Again
  • My Account is Still Permanently Suspended
  • My Video

What is Twitter, Anyway?

It’s just a social media platform with very limited features by design.

In fact, when it began, the character limit was 120, same as for SMS on phones. Since 2017 it’s been 280 but still, that demands quite a bit of efficiency when attempting to get a complex idea off in one tweet.

It was dismissed by many as silly…and with various derisions such as “men don’t TWEET!

In spite of that, however, it gained lots of traction as a place to exchange serious ideas and many serious people have accounts on it because it’s pretty damn efficient for that in ways what other platforms like Facebook and Instagram aren’t.

Its brevity or, pithiness when at its best, is likely a good reason it has persisted and at least part of why a guy who builds cars and rocketships decided it was worth paying 44 Billion for.

Amongst the things Elon Musk thought about when deciding to buy the thing or not must have been whatever his take is on Twitter’s role as a public town square; and if I think about that, isn’t it common that in situations where a bunch of people are arguing or discussing ideas, that everyone just gets a few words?


I Got Hit By a Car

No shit. Not “almost.” Literally hit.

I’d just finished my regular morning 7 KM barefoot walk where I often shoot video, had my cafe Americano at the coffee stand, then drove off and stopped by the facilities for relief.

I parked my bike in the lot and proceeded to the toilet.

In slow motion, which it seems how we replay these things, I caught this moving blur in my extreme peripheral vision just a second at most before the car’s bumper contacted me on my right hindquarter calf. My automatic reaction was to immediately pivot right, place both hands on the hood, and sort of vault over the right front corner of the small sedan, as you would do on the pommel horse.

He was probably doing no more than 8-10 mph. Could have been far worse.

He stopped and I was standing there exactly adjacent to him (cars are right-hand drive, here). The pussy rolls his window down only about 6,” fearing retaliation, I guess.

You know what the lousy fucker says, in an Aussie accent?

“Where did you come from?”

“Dude, are you fucking serious?” I reply.

“I’m sorry,” and he rolls up and drives off.

…So that’s what’s behind the click-bait in the title and email subject.

Excess Mortality

Two videos.

A new documentary with some flaws (see here) but also some with some really disturbing stuff. On balance, it’s worth the hour.

And here’s one I did.

I Asked a Pregnant Lady “Boy or Girl?” and Here’s What Happened

— I Wasn’t Shocked, For a Good Reason

  • The Cute and Pregnant Thai Girl
  • Humanity vs. Inhumanity
  • Slippery Slopes Slide
  • Where Are Lines Drawn; When is Enough, Enough?
  • Video: Moral Outrage — Calling Out Conservatives, Republicans, & 2nders

The Cute and Pregnant Thai Girl

I met Kip shortly after moving into my new place in August.

She’s a typical 25 year old young Thai lady. Very demure. Cute as a 45-kilo button (100 pounds). She did get a little grouchy when I guessed her age at 29, however. It’s tough. Many age very little between 20 and 40.

She’s my nextdoor neighbor and goes off to work every day to her secretarial job in a nearby hotel. When she comes home, it’s into her room and hibernation until the next day. That was my sole observable critique of her personality. Seemed low energy.

I suspected she had a man in her life when one day she headed off for about a week. Then, a month or so later she headed off again. All was confirmed a few weeks back when an older, mature-presenting Thai man showed up to stay for a few days.

I didn’t ask any questions. I don’t pry, like that.

About then, she began wearing funny clothes. By funny, I mean baggy…and of a pretty stout fabric—like something you’d make curtains with. The first time, I thought nothing of it. When after some days and and seeing that’s all she wore, I got the ah-ha moment.

Jesus I’m so clueless, sometimes…

So one evening when she returned home, I asked, “Kip, do you have a baby under there?”

Humanity vs. Inhumanity

First, life vs. its negation…non-life. Inanimate, inorganic, still, dead. Lifeless.

In the universe, life reproduces itself. For it not to do so could only mean that it’s immortal or it’s dying for keeps. It takes life to reproduce life.

There’s nothing more fundamental. The further we move from single-cell organisms to animals, to mammals, to human “mamminals,” the more participatory, playful, and enjoyable are the actions that surround reproduction. The more animal and human [animal] like they become.

Humans have many billion-dollar industries that touch on one or more aspects of reproduction…from dating to courting to wooing to attracting to preening to mating rituals to olfactory factors to silk linens. From a twinkle in an eye to foreplay to intercourse to a delivery room to a pink or blue nursery.

If you stop and really think on it, deeply, and follow all the connections and nuances, it’s as though all of our human activity is, in one way or another, inexorably linked to reproducing our lives…to rejuvenate and renew.

Yet in so many places we can look, this core natural fundamental isn’t understood or recognized. In many cul-de-sacs and ideological waypoints, reproduction is regarded as inconvenient at best, life destroying at worst.

Imagine what sort of ironic mind one must possess to craft a worldview where the very thing that rejuvenates all—reproduced life—is seen as detrimental to other “ideals” (ideals for whom and for what?) that somehow take precedence over the very thing that makes everything else not only possible, but meaningful.

Without life and renewed, reproduced life, all becomes meaningless.

What would be the point?


Food Pics, Recipes, and Restaurant Reviews

If you’ve never had bangers & mash in a British pub, the legitimacy of your life must certainly be called into question.

Above is my sort of Thai fusion of the thing. I found these amazing 75 gram garlic, mild spicy Thai sausages that rival any German sausages I’ve ever had (and all the veal ones have never impressed me). For genuine B&M, you’re typically using Cumberland, a pork sausage. These are 75/25 pork/chicken. The cost is 30 cents US per sausage and I get them in packs of 10. Then there’s the mash taters and the onion gravy, which I do as a milk gravy. Dusted with cayenne: never leave home without it.

The whole thing took 10 minutes, like right now. I took a break before starting this section, did dinner, snapped a pic, ate, and led off with it.. How? Tune in next issue and I’ll explain, plus a bunch of other stuff using the same methods and equipment.

…My friend Tony owns three restaurants on the Rawai beach road. Here’s my review of the fanciest one, Nikita’s. I’d link it to the Google Maps review but for some reason it’s not working.

Nikita’s is a Rawai Landmark. It’s likely that anyone who lives here has dined at Nikita’s a number of times (a repeat visit is a high review in itself).

For visitors and tourists, it’s a must. And it’s not only about the good food and presentation; the oceanfront setting is amongst the very best in south Phuket.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve dined there in the two years since my first visit, but it’s a lot…so that’s tantamount to 5-start reviews.

A number of photos below, but I’ll mention three of my favorites specifically.

1. The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I have a list in my head of “best values in Rawai.” Theses are dishes where the quality and price make it feel like you’re getting the better end of the exchange. The Chicken Caesar is right in there. Hard to get many places because Romaine lettuce isn’t the norm. Also, the price is under 300B. There are many places that serve fancy salads for over 300B that don’t even have protein or any crunch. Plus, the protein isn’t only the chicken. It also has a generous portion of crispy bacon. Unbelievable deal.

1. The Spicy Seafood Soup. I’m not certain that’s what it’s called on the menu, but it’s like a bisque with a little kick. Has a variety of seafood. Just delicious every time and if I’m not mistaken the seafood varies slightly depending on season and freshness.

1. The Lamb Shank Massaman Curry. Massaman is a very special curry that originates from Malaysia and so is a bit distinct from Thailand’s other more fragrant coconut-milk based curries. As a muslim dish, it’s typically made with chicken or beef. This is the only lamb Massaman I’ve ever seen and it’s fantastic. One of the best unique dishes in Rawai.

I can’t recall if I already shared this in the newsletter, but since stopping the booze I have really kicked up the cooking efforts. I put together a short vid to some nice music.

Hit & Run

Oh, my, have I ever been having fun on Twitter. Let me just pic a bunch and jump right in. Of course, you can also just scroll down my page.

— Sure to ruffle feathers…

— And even more feathers…

— Don’t be problematic. Peterson is responding to this idiotic TikTok video.

— Fuck the EU already.

— Make good food and deliver excellent service. Finished. Now STFU.

— The longer the reality goes unconfronted…

— And a final feather ruffling… And BTW, Gad is being facetious here. Many are doing that these days.

Pet Peeve

This is kinda funny to do because I have so many Indian friends…like very long-time and close friends. Like my school teacher ex-wife had many of the kids in her classroom kinda stuff, and more.

Moreover, as a general class of food, I find Indian about the most dazzling in terms of exotic flavors and enormous variety. Hands down better than Thai food for my taste. I love it.

And because of that love of Indian food and the fact that I was first introduced to the real deal in Pattaya, Thailand nearly 35 years ago…I got rag on the restaurants in good fun and sport.

There must be more Indian restaurants in Pattaya that all other kinds…combined including Thai! It’s unbelievable. They’re side-by-side and on top of one-another.

…But that’s not the peeve.

It’s the hovering.

To explain, they all have such extensive menus and competitively, they all have pictures. So I’ll often stop, even if not looking to eat anything at the time and just peruse the menu on the podium out front.

With out a single exception in all of eternity, a guy will come over, hover over and around you, making sure you saw this and that.

They always want you to know that they have butter chicken and that it’s really good.

…It’s butter chicken. There’s only really good and great. I doubt there could actually be a bad butter chicken.

So, folks, gimme a break already.

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